Finding The Right Property For You: A Guide

Finding the perfect home for you and others isn’t easy. There’s a never-ending list of criteria to meet, and you must even contend with some factors that lie well outside of your control. 

Unfortunately, sometimes finding the right property comes down to little more than luck. Being in the right place at the right time certainly does help. However, instead of leaving your fate completely to chance, there are some measures you can take that will make the journey easier. 

To help, here is a quick guide to help you find the right property for you.  

Engage Estate Agents 

Homes can be sold extraordinarily quickly. Some properties find new owners before they’re even listed on an estate agent’s website. 

Last June was the busiest month for the buyer’s market since records began, with the flurry of activity being attributed to no stamp duty being paid on the first £500,000 of a property purchase. Homebuyers saved up to £15,000 under this arrangement.

The speed at which some of these homes are taken off the market is not to be underestimated. It’s almost impossible to keep pace with the market unless you call in a few favours.

One of the best ways to stay in the race is to consult reputable estate agents regularly. They may give you advanced notice of property listings once they know you can make their business some money. If you approach them with a half-hearted demeanour, chances are they won’t go the extra mile for you. Be prepared to fight for your place on the property ladder, and they’ll make your clientship a priority.  

Sell Quickly 

Estate agents may also warm to you if you sell your current property first. It can highlight your level of commitment and make you a more desirable client due to the many delays and obstacles you’ll remove with the sale. 

Companies like Quick Move Now can buy your home in as little as 7 days instead of the standard 3-5 months. You’re in control of the timescale, which means you can choose to sell in advance of the move or tie-in with your onward property purchase for a smoother transition. Their sales are guaranteed, so you don’t need to worry about your plans falling through either.

Move-in with friends and family or rent cheaply while the search is underway. That way, you’ll be ready to secure the right property for you at the drop of a hat. 

Consider the Coronavirus 

The pandemic has undoubtedly influenced many aspects of securing a home.  

For instance, it might be that the pandemic has caused you to revaluate your property needs. Many people have had second thoughts about where they want to live recently. Increasingly higher numbers of homeowners are swapping urban cityscapes for open space in answer to COVID, so it may be worth revisiting what ‘the right property’ means to you. 

Moreover, some people have found an affinity with DIY tasks to cope with the lockdown tedium. If you did so too, perhaps you could purchase a ‘fixer-upper’ and gradually make it the right property for you through some manual labour? Moreover, Quick Move will buy your home in any condition, so focus your DIY efforts on the home you’ll purchase rather than the one you’ll sell.  

Keep Investigating

You should expect to do a fair amount of detective work when it comes to finding the right property for you. 

Viewings are an excellent opportunity to do some further digging. Studies have shown that almost half of Britons have described property viewing experiences as “disgusting”, but you must also consider more than what you see. Use the time inspecting the property to ask a few questions of the seller or agent. These could be: 

  • What does the area offer? Assess the number of good schools, gyms, and shops that are in the area. Their presence, or lack thereof, may influence your decision.  
  • Is the area safe? Crime rates and feuding neighbours may understandably put you off a property. If answers are hard to come by, enquire with neighbours or see what type of local news comes out of the media. 
  • Has the owner had much interest in the property? Few offers could be a red flag, especially during an upsurge of activity in the housing market.  
  • Why is the owner selling? The current owner of a property may not be forthcoming with their reasons for selling. Enquire about their decision and try to gauge whether they’re truthful or evasive. Try not to inherit their misfortune.  

You should also take pictures of the property during your viewings. Additionally, try to stop by any properties you’re serious about at different times. Does the atmosphere change in the surrounding area? Are the streets well-lit when darkness falls? 

Remember to consult the reviews of any parties you work with as well. Quick Move has full five-star reviews for its services, highlighting them as a trustworthy business. Many customers will have likely published impressions of estate agents online as well, so collate other people’s verdicts and let them guide your judgments.






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