Five great pubs for non-alcoholic beer in Tunbridge Wells

For many people, nothing beats a nice, cold beer as the weather starts to warm up, and what we’re finding is that in more recent times that nice, cold beer is preferred as a non-alcoholic one.


Over the last few years the demand for 0% booze has risen at a phenomenal rate, part down to more and more people giving up alcohol, part down to Millenials and Gen Z having more of an understanding of health and the dangers of the hard stuff, meaning they shun it from the off.


Alcohol has been problematic in recent years for many. The pandemic, for example, saw a rise in admissions to alcohol rehab, with many stats showing a huge spike in drinking, particularly among women. 


That’s led to more of us seeking out non-alcoholic options when we visit supermarkets and pubs. But unfortunately, the offering is still not great in many pubs, often only having one token lager. That’s not the case everywhere though and across Tunbridge Wells there are some solid options for those wanting to enjoy the pub experience without touching alcohol.


So, if you’re looking for a good place to enjoy a 0% beer, here are five spots in the royal town where you can make the most of them.


Sankey’s is a seafood kitchen and bar and has long been a popular joint for people looking to enjoy a pint or some fish. One of the huge benefits here for non-drinkers is that you’ll find a non-alcoholic lager on draft in the form of Lucky Saint


It’s the only place in the town offering this, while you’ll also find a host of good bottle options too. If you’re out for some food as well, it’s the ideal option.

The Royal Oak

Located on High Street, The Royal Oak provides you with more of a cosy English pub offering, and it’s well known for its friendly atmosphere. The pub prides itself on its fine cask options, but it doesn’t skimp on 0% either. 


All the choices behind the bar are hand picked, while there are also plenty of teas, coffees and soft drink options as well, making it the perfect place to catch up with friends or family. 

The Bedford

This beloved local haunt is known for its more laid back vibe and always has a wealth of events going on. It’s dog friendly and has a lovely beer garden making it an ideal spot to unwind.


You’ll find some good premium non-alcoholic beer offerings, as well as plenty of soft drinks available, and it’s always a delight walking through the doors of this place.

The Pantiles Tap

The Pantiles Tap is all about the craft beer, which means you get a more refined selection of non-alcoholic beers, ranging from lager to IPAs and beyond. The curated selection avoids the big brands but offers some fantastic, high-quality craft options.


Speak to staff about what you’d like and their knowledge will provide you with the 0% option you’ll love most. A great spot if you’re out exploring the Pantiles, or want a relaxed evening out. 

The Sussex Arms

Finally, The Sussex Arms is a traditional pub that prides itself on its live music. Built in the 17th century it’s infamous in the town but is a great spot that has tons of history. It was one of the first places in the UK to serve Stella Artois, however there’s also plenty of refreshing non-alcoholic options today.


It really is a pub for everyone and with a pretty beer garden to boot, it’s an excellent choice all year round for those seeking out some 0% delights.

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