Five restaurants worth sampling in Kent this summer

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With the summer weather kicking in and people enjoying the outdoors at the moment, Kent’s restaurants are gearing up for a busy period. The Garden of England is a popular choice for people to visit outside of the area, alongside the thousands of locals keen to sample some of the best food in the country. 

Beer gardens are an attractive option for many people, especially when the sun’s shining. Still, before heading to a local establishment, it makes sense to line the stomach with some quality local cuisine. The options on offer are vast, too, with Kent’s reputation arguably better than it ever has been before in the culinary world. 

Some restaurants will cater for your fine-dining needs, while others present a more casual feel as you tuck into stunning produce, which has been locally sourced, and the children enjoy the outdoor garden. It’s certainly worth missing the Gillingham game for or putting a session of the best blackjack games online on hold, with numerous restaurants keen to not only attract more customers but also build on the reputation they are already starting to earn. 

With that in mind, here is a look at five Kent restaurants worth sampling in 2021. 


The Wife of Bath 

A hotspot for the people of Wye, The Wife of Bath is a restaurant with a diverse range of ingredients on an appealing menu capable of winning over even the most discerning of customers. With its locally sourced ingredients, flavours from the Basque Country and also Catalunya, this is a restaurant worth visiting for its immensely flavourful dishes and its all-round fantastic menu.


The Dog at Wingham 

A popular attraction for tourists, thanks to its stunning medieval houses and thatched cottages, Wingham is a superb location to visit in itself. Still, The Dog arguably makes it even more of an attractive option. Serving up British pub classics in its cosy rooms, which overlook delightful gardens, the pub also offers around 50 gins. Its food is unrivalled, though, with The Dog winning a Great British Pub award in 2019 for its excellent grub. Whether you want posh fish and chips or a ham-hock terrine, The Dog at Wingham most definitely has you covered. 



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Located in Folkestone, Marley’s is an inviting place with a friendly and welcoming ambience. Championing British comfort food, Marley’s is a great venue for family gatherings and pub grub feasts. The food is fresh and homemade, with all ingredients sourced locally from farmers who produce some truly delicious ingredients. If you’re keen to enjoy good quality food in an inviting setting, then Marley’s is a solid option. 


The Firepit 

Surrounded by a picturesque golf course and fitted with fires that help create a truly relaxing environment, The Firepit boasts a sumptuous menu serving up a range of different dishes influenced by the likes of the American Midwest to Asia. Chunks of meat from spiced lamb cutlets to juicy steaks are on offer, with the restaurant’s shared plate concept also going down a treat with its customers. It isn’t all meat, though. Diners can also try fish and a variety of tasty wines. If you haven’t been to The Firepit yet, then it’s definitely worth doing so. 



The Swan

The Swan in Tenterden is known for its perfect combination of cooking up the best quality fish and accompanying it with some of the finest wine in the country. It’s no surprise either, given that the restaurant is located in one of the most respected wineries in the country, with this truly beautiful rural location providing a memorable experience for any of its visitors.





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