Five-Star Travel in Brazil

When it comes to dream travel destinations, are there any counties that can compare to Brazil? The largest country in South America and Latin America, Brazil is a fascinating destination and encompasses everything from jaw-dropping wildlife to world-renowned metropolises.  

If you’re planning to travel there any time soon, you deserve to do so in style. Read on to discover our indispensable guide to five-star travel in Brazil.  

First-time Trip?  

If this is the first time you’ve ever been to Brazil, it can be a little overwhelming. The country is so vast that you could easily spend a lifetime getting to know it, absorbing its famous culture, and exploring its fascinating towns and cities. The simplest way to enjoy your time in Brazil is to split your trip into three: time at the beach, time in a city, and time getting away from it all in nature.  

If your budget allows, you could plan to spend several nights in different destinations. If not, you’ll have a good reason to make return visits!  

Brazilian Beaches 

Choosing which Brazilian beach destination to head to first is akin to Sophie’s Choice – the glamour and decadence of Brazil’s beaches are legendary. However, your first port of call should be the state of Bahia.  

Far from being a modern metropolis, Bahia is more of a large collection of quaint fishing villages and unspoiled coastline, so it’s perfect for anyone looking to indulge in some luxurious me-time in Brazil. With 1000km of coastline to explore, you’ll discover idyllic bays, desert islands, wild jungle landscapes and public beaches that could easily be mistaken for private ones.  

Boipeba Island feels like something from a movie set, with its crystalline waters and vibrant coral reef, but it’s all 100% real. The 200km Cocoa Coast is where you’ll find the best waves, while Trancoso is where the beautiful people top up their tans.  

Alternative Cities 

Rio de Janeiro may be Brazil’s most well-known cultural hotspot, but it’s also the city that pulls in the largest numbers of tourists. While you can certainly enjoy a five-star visit to Rio, you might want to consider spending your first trip in São Paulo or Salvador instead.  

São Paulo is considered by many to embody modern Brazil. At the heart of 21st-century Brazilian culture, this is a city that is brimming with cutting-edge fashion, cuisine, music and nightlife.  

Salvador was once the capital of Brazil, and it, too, is filled with archetypal Brazilian culture. As a stark contrast to the metropolis that is São Paulo, Salvador is the city to spend time in to get a taste of authentic Brazilian tradition. 

Brazil’s Hidden Gems


Given the sheer size of Brazil, there are plenty of hidden gems that still remain hidden – and probably will for some time to come. If you want to spend some time off the beaten path in some seriously underrated places, then here are our top suggestions:  

Lençois Maranheses National Park – while the words “national park” often conjure up mountainous regions and epic forestry in the minds of most travellers, Brazilian national parks are just a tad different. The Lençois Maranheses National Park is the perfect example; this is a national park unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. A captivating desert landscape dotted throughout with white sand dunes and stunning fresh-water lagoons, this is a destination to truly help you get back to nature.  

Paraty – If you’re travelling from Rio to Sao Paulo, or vice versa, you simply have to stop off at Paraty. This beautiful colonial village features some of the best examples of Brazilian Gold Rush architecture, and its captivating bays are just to die for.  

Minas Gerais – Speaking of the Gold Rush, you’ll truly feel like you’ve stepped back to the 17th and 18th centuries when you pay a visit to any of the historic mining towns of Minas Gerais. Get lost in cobbled streets flanked by opulent mansions and Aleijadinho-decorated baroque churches.

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