Five summer activities to enjoy with your elderly relative this summer

The summertime is always a great season for enjoying family time, whether it be with young children or elderly relatives. 


In the case of the latter, as our loved ones age it’s important to spend as much time with them as we can, whether they’re living alone, with us or in residential care homes for elderly people, enjoying activities that they love and you can create memories from.


As the summer approaches there are dozens of great ideas for spending time with elderly loved ones, so to get you started here are five sources of inspiration you could consider…

Garden Visits

It’s the time of year when the flowers come out and the likes of RHS gardens really come alive. They’re always a good option for a day out with elderly loved ones as you’ll find accessible pathways, plenty of seating areas and always a good cafe to enjoy a bit of afternoon tea.


It’s a great option for enjoying the fresh air, as well as the vibrant colours of the botany and the soothing sounds of nature.

Seaside Outings

A trip to the seaside is a classic summer activity that seniors can appreciate. Choose a coastal town with a promenade or pier where you can take a gentle walk while enjoying views of the sea. Listen to the sound of waves, feel the sea breeze, and indulge in traditional seaside treats like fish and chips or ice cream. 


Many seaside resorts offer accessible facilities and seating areas, making it convenient for elderly relatives to relax and soak in the coastal atmosphere.

Outdoor Concerts or Theatre Performances

Excitingly, the summer always welcomes a range of outdoor concerts and theatre productions. They’re great for spending an afternoon or evening, and all you need are some comfortable chairs and maybe a blanket or two to while away an evening.


Many outdoor events are family friendly and offer a relaxed atmosphere, while others are a little more organised, such as Proms in the Park or other larger scale concerts.

Nature Walks and Wildlife Watching

If your elderly loved one is still quite active, enjoying a walk in a nearby nature reserve is another great way to spend an afternoon and enjoy a picnic. It can be incredibly beneficial for mental health, as well as tying into any hobbies they may have such as birdwatching. 


For any loved ones that may be experiencing loneliness, for example, getting out amongst nature with you can be a really therapeutic experience and help combat that effectively.

Art and Craft Workshops

Similarly, art and craft workshops are another way of combating loneliness and are a great option for the summer months. Attending classes together can really help build tighter bonds, while it can also be an opportunity to meet other like-minded people. 


Painting, pottery, knitting, or any other crafts can be really stimulating and also be good for things like cognitive function, which is important in reducing the risks of dementia and such like. 


What’s more, you get to keep the finished article as keepsakes, making memories that can be treasured forever.

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