Football Betting Markets New Punters Should Avoid

Football is the most popular category when it comes to online sports betting options. The competitive nature of the sport attracts fans and punters from all over the world. Besides being competitive, the sport is widespread because of its many markets. Some markets are pretty popular, so new punters easily pick them without thoroughly understanding how they work. However, not all are favourable punters.


As a punter, you must research the various football betting markets before wagering your money on any. One ideal way to start is by checking this guide with sports betting terms explained. You’ll get details about all the markets you can bet on. That said, we’ll look at the ones to avoid in this article. 

Football Betting Markets To Avoid

It’s important not to get carried away by high odds on some football betting options, as they may be impossible to win. Particularly, these are the markets to avoid when betting: 

Scorecast Market

This market requires punters to select the appropriate match score and the player who will score first. It presents prospective gamblers with attractive odds, so punters become lured by considerable high winnings and end up betting.


However, the likelihood of realising those odds is frequently significantly lower than what the odds imply. New punters can easily be deceived by the big numbers and place bets that often result in losses.

To Win From Behind

In this market, the bet wins if the selected team goes behind in the match and then comes from behind to defeat their opponent. Predicting if a team will recover from a disadvantage is difficult, making this bet risky. 


Just like you would study a guide to golf to learn how to swing, it’s necessary to review competing teams before placing this bet. Check their history of winning games after falling behind. If the performances are not impressive, you’ll want to avoid betting on this market. 

Correct Score

A significant amount of risk is associated with this market, even though it is relatively widespread. For Correct Score, bettors predict the exact scoreline of a match. Given the unpredictability of football, this wager can be the most risky to bet on. This is because diverse factors can alter the match’s outcome. Such factors include the form of the players and the weather.


There’s no room for mistakes when placing bets on the Correct Score market. The scoreline must be perfect, or else you’ll lose. Therefore, as a new punter, it’s best to avoid picking this market when selecting odds.


Winning in this market requires making predictions of halftime and full-time outcomes. In the sports betting industry, this market is quite popular among football fans. However, it is difficult to predict since things can change anytime. 


It’s common for a team winning at halftime to lose their advantage by the time the game ends. Hence, this wager can be a challenging one. New punters without a comprehensive understanding of strategies to win this market may want to steer clear.

Last Goalscorer 

One of the betting markets that new punters should avoid is the last goalscorer. As you may already have guessed, the market requires predicting the player who will score the match’s final goal. This bet is risky since nothing accurately determines who will put the ball in the net. Any player can score at any time. 


Notably, it’s even difficult to correctly predict which players will still be on the field after the 90 minutes. The coach may substitute the player you expect to score the final goal. In some cases, the player who makes the first score also becomes the last scorer if the match ends with a lone goal. Expert punters usually choose this market for games they believe will have fewer goals. However, it’s a risky gamble and not recommended for anyone new to bookmakers.


The idea of betting on football markets can be appealing, but it’s essential to remember that it’s not all about making predictions and winning. As explained in this article, not all markets are favourable to punters. Before betting on football, you must thoroughly understand the different football markets. We recommend that you avoid the options covered in this guide as a new punter to reduce losses. 


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