Four Tips for Achieving Alone Time as a Stay at Home Mom


Being a stay-at-home mom is as challenging as it is rewarding, and you just need to find that balance. It’s 100% reasonable to require a little time away from your children, partner, and domestic obligations. All moms need time to wind down, process, and recharge their batteries. There are several tips available that may help you in achieving some alone time to do exactly that. 

Schedule in “Mom-time”

Determining what is truly important to you allows you to prioritize tasks and eliminate unnecessary expectations. Many stay-at-home moms forget that help is just one step away. Most families, close friends, and neighbors are only too happy to help if only asked. Build up this supportive network and remember it is not a weakness to ask for assistance. 

Don’t compare yourself or your family to others, whether it’s with friends or on social media platforms. Discovering what works for you and your family is the most important thing. Schedule quiet time/rest time for the children and make sure this becomes your time! Maybe it just means having a cup of coffee alone in the garden or spending 15 minutes checking out the best high roller casinos or even lying on the couch with your favorite novel. 

Sometimes, it may be beneficial to lock the door! Taking a bubble bath soak with a glass of wine may be all you need to relax, but little feet like to follow mom wherever she goes – tell your partner or the caregiver that you need some time! And take it! For your well-being and theirs!

Find a Home-based Hobby You Enjoy

Find or revive a hobby that you can do at home. Perhaps you enjoy a spot of gardening or wish to learn to bake your own bread? Work these activities into your schedule. Remember that exercise plays a big part in keeping your mind, body, and spirit healthy. Stay-at-home moms typically de-prioritize their own needs. A quick walk or jog around the block can provide you with the physical adjustment you need to snap out of the grips of stress. 

Use Your Time Wisely

After the kids have gone to bed, do something fun. You could haul out the cheese, crackers, and wine and settle down to a movie with your partner (or alone if you prefer!). Understandably, many evenings are used to catch up on chores but be sure that specific nights are reserved for some mom time. As great as a spotless house is, if it means less time for yourself, learn to let some of it go. 

Keep Connections Strong

Spend time with family and friends. Keep connections strong as these breaks will make you laugh, provide you with an outlet for your frustrations, and remind you that you’re not alone. Finding another mom who can relate to your situation and spending time with her can be quite therapeutic. 

Plan playdates with your friends who have children. In this way, you get to spend time with them while also encouraging your children to form or foster their own friendships. While this may not strictly be alone time, it provides for adult stimulation while keeping the children happy too. 

Stop making excuses for being human. Apply self-compassion in the same way you would empathize with others. For many, becoming a mother is the single most significant life shift they will experience. Accept it, work with it, but keep in mind that you need to prioritize yourself at times too!

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