Gen X Prefers Mobile Gaming to PCs

Gen X is a group that is often forgotten by gaming developers and the tech sector in general. But it would be wise for them to pay closer attention to them since they are still a very powerful consumer segment and they also tend to have more disposable income, especially when compared with gen Z which tends to be a big target for gaming companies. 

One area where gen X is making its presence felt is in mobile gaming. Several reports have shown that gen X prefers playing on mobile over other options like PC, and while this may be surprising to some people, it shouldn’t be once you look at some of the facts about this demographic. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why gen X seems to love mobile gaming so much.

Mobile Games are Simpler and More Traditional

A lot of people forget that Gen X people were the first ones to be introduced to video games as we know them. While boomers may have been familiar with classics like Ms. Pac-Man or Pong, Gen Xers were introduced to classic consoles like the NES and Sega Master System.

And, when you look at some of the most popular mobile games, you’ll see titles that look like they would be a perfect fit on these consoles. Many of them even look like a direct interpolation of games like Tetris or Space Invaders, and 2-D platformers remain one of the most popular types of games on Android and Ios.

Gen Xers are also much more likely to play online casino games which are very big on mobiles. GenXers are one of the biggest demographics for gambling in general, and online mobile games are a perfect and natural transition for many of them. If you happen to be a gen Xer and would like to try online casino games, here are some great ideas for getting started.

Mobile Games are a Better Fit for their Lifestyle

Gen Xers also don’t have as much time to dedicate to gaming. They tend to have busier lives than the average gen Zer who hasn’t entered the workforce yet and are more likely to have children than the average millennial.

Investing in an expensive PC just to play for one hour or two at the end of the day makes little sense to a Gen Xer. Mobile games, on the other hand, allow them to play their favourite games whenever they want and don’t require the same time investment. This makes them much more logical for someone who has work or other life obligations.

PC Games Cater to a Younger Audience

PC game developers know who their main audience is and are more likely to create games for them. This means that games will often tend to have juvenile themes which may not be as appealing to gen X players.

Games like Fortnite are a perfect example. While the gameplay might seem interesting, the theme can make it very hard for a Gen Xer to really take it seriously. This makes the experience less interesting and immersive. And, while games like CS:GO may seem more attractive, the advanced controls can take a long time to get accustomed to. This is why gen Xers will usually prefer to play those games on a console than on a PC, and why PC games in general are not the most popular among them.

Gen X represents a very important group in the mobile gaming sector and should be catered to more by mobile game developers. We can expect, however, for gaming developers to start taking them more seriously as more information about their gaming habits gets uncovered.

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