Gift Ideas for Teachers This Christmas

As Christmas nears, so too does the end of the Christmas term for your children. The end of term, and the start of a season of giving, is a great time for you to show your thanks to the teaching staff who have nurtured your children over the weeks – or to apologise for your children’s misbehaviour. Either way, a little gift goes a long way. Here are just a few suggestions for what to get a teacher this Christmas:

Personalised Stationery

One thing teachers are guaranteed to burn through is stationery; teachers frequently stump up their own money to furnish their classrooms with pens and pencils, giving you a great opportunity to show your thanks by removing that need from them. You could order a set of pencils with your child’s teacher’s name etched in the side, meaning they don’t have to spend their own money on stationery before the new year – and that they are sure to get their pencils back at the end of every lesson!

Chocolate and Sweets

As far as consumable gifts go, you cannot go far wrong with chocolate. Christmas is a time for gluttony, and after a tough year sometimes all a teacher needs is to get their feet up and nibble on something sweet. Consider gifting them a chocolate box alongside a personalised card, with a selection of chocolates for them to indulge in at their desk or at home in their pyjamas.

A Quality Bottle of Booze

With 39 weeks of the year given to wrangling a rowdy classroom, its no surprise that alcohol is a popular gift amongst teachers that choose to drink – and that a well-placed bottle of wine could well make your child’s teacher’s Christmas. Of course, before you purchase an alcoholic gift for a teacher, you should be sure that they would be happy to receive it; many people do not drink for religious, personal or medical reasons. If your teacher does partake – and if they have had a particularly rough year with your little ones – you may want to gift something a little stronger – whether a nice spirit, or a small cocktail kit for them to make themselves up a festive drink once the Christmas term is over.

Something Individual

Rather than relying on impersonal consumer goods to relay your thanks, you could instead seek something with a personal touch. Your gift could make specific reference to a part of the teacher’s relationship with your child, especially if they have given significant one-to-one time to them; they might have used a unique method to help your child understand a problem or topic, and your gift to them could pay homage to that technique. 

Alternatively, your child might want to get involved in the gift-giving – giving you an excellent opportunity to spend some time crafting a handmade gift together. Your child might have an interest in certain crafts such as bead jewellery, sewing, or even something as simple as macaroni art. Helping them craft something for their teacher can make for an inexpensive and incredibly heartfelt gift, and sure-fire way to bring a tear to their eye.

Gift Cards

For the teacher who has everything, there is always the humble gift card. Rather than clogging up your child’s teacher’s desk with random things they might not appreciate, you could instead slip a gift card for an online store into a thank you card – giving them the option to spend it on whatever they would like or need – from school supplies to chocolate!



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