Great Christmas Gifts for the Sports Fan in Your Life


Christmas is getting closer and closer, and we’re all beginning to feel the panic set in about what gifts to buy for each other. Of course, here in Kent, there are plenty of great places to find unique options, including the Sissinghurst Festive Market, the Rochester Christmas Market, and the Faversham Indoor Christmas Fair. 


But if a special someone in your life is a huge fan of sports, then you might be thinking about getting them a gift that reflects their passion. Here’s some curated inspiraton to get you started on the hunt for the perfect present.


A New Smartphone

It may not be the most obvious choice for a gift, but a smartphone is the perfect companion for someone who spends all day thinking about their beloved team. It’ll give them access to all the latest sports news and gossip throughout the week, as well as letting them follow what their favourite players are up to in their personal lives through social media. 


During games, a smartphone is a great tool for getting a “second screen” experience. In motorsports like Formula 1 and MotoGP, dedicated companion apps let fans see live timing data, team radios, and GPS trackers for all the cars/bikes on the circuit. Subscribers to the F1 TV Access package can even view live telemetry data, which provides data like throttle and brake position, DRS status, and speed for each car. 


Mobile sports betting apps also work great for this second screen experience and they provide fans with deeper insight into what’s happening during games. For example, during a football game, prop bets like which team will score next are updated on the fly, giving you a clearer picture of each side’s chances. Fans don’t even need to spend money to get access to this data since most of it is available to the public; they can also take advantage of the many free bet offers on the market to be able to wager without making a deposit. 


Twitter is always full of fans reacting to events on the pitch, court, or track too, so a smartphone gives the sports lover in your life the chance to partake in these conversations. 


A Season Ticket

For some sports fans, watching games in person is much better than following along live at home through the television. 


So why not treat them to a season ticket that’ll give them a whole year of live in-person sporting action?


The choice for season tickets will surprise you as they are available for almost every venue in the county and the country. Kent’s Brands Hatch race circuit is promising a jam-packed 2022 season with two rounds of both the British Touring Car Championship and the British Superbike Championship, national GT racing, American SpeedFest, British Truck Racing, and the Formula Ford Festival, among other events. 


If you have a petrolhead in your life, then you can give them the gift of speed with a Brands Hatch season pass that costs £215 until the end of December. 


Other local options include the £175 season tickets for Ebbsfleet United, while a season ticket for the Kent Kings speedway team will set you back around £280 per person. 


Alternatively, season tickets are also available for bigger teams like those in the Premier League, though these will be significantly more expensive. 


A Fitness Tracker

Sports fans don’t just like to watch games, they often like to stay active themselves as well. A fitness tracker is the perfect device for anyone that wants to monitor their fitness and health to chart their performance and see where they can improve. 


There are a number of different options. There’s the Apple Watch, of course, which includes a sensor for detecting your heart rate and blood oxygen saturation levels. Similarly, the Fitbit line of products offers different shapes, sizes, and features including full smartwatches and dedicated fitness trackers. 


For those that love running, cycling, or hiking, then Garmin, Polar, and Coros all offer great specialist options. Then there is the CATAPULT PLAYR football tracker, a GPS tracking vest that connects to a smartphone in order to give you an understanding of where you spend most of your time on the pitch. For this info, it uses a heatmap, as well as offering other stats like speed, distance covered, power, and intensity. 


An Autograph

In the 21st century, many sports fans will reach for their smartphone to ask for a selfie with a sporting legend that they meet in person rather than grabbing a pen to ask for an autograph. 


However, signed memorabilia is still something that many fans treasure, so why not treat the sports-mad person in your life to something they’ll be proud to display on their wall at home?


Specialist retailers can ship you signed shirts, photographs, boots, crash helmets, bats, and balls. Be careful to check the reviews and legitimacy of what you’re buying, and only purchase from reputable companies. 


Prices for signed memorabilia can range from around £50 to more than £1,000, depending on the sport, the athlete, and how rare the item is. 


An Experience

Maybe the sports fan in your life already has a season ticket or attends games regularly. In which case, maybe a unique chance to experience their sport in a different way might be a better gift. 


A hospitality package that allows them to watch their favourite sport in style could be a great option. Most professional sports offer a menu of different hospitality options from a private box with catering, to special seating and meal packages. 


Alternatively, stadium tours are a way for fans to follow in the footsteps of their idols. Most Premier League teams, including all of the clubs in London, offer tours to the public, as do Wembley, Wimbledon, Twickenham, and Lord’s Cricket Ground. 


If your sports lover prefers four-wheeled action, why not get them a driving experience at nearby Brands Hatch? Or another historic circuit like Silverstone or Donnington Park. Options for this include exotic supercars like Ferraris and Lamborghinis as well as specialist single-seater race cars that are the closest most members of the public will ever get to driving a Formula 1 car. 




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