Great Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday in Kent

If you’re seeking a time to remember your birthday and Kent is your destination, there are a few memorable things you can do, and this article is here to guide you. Whether you’d like to enjoy your time on land or cruising the waters, Kent has excellent venues to offer. You can even sign up for a corporate team-building adventure. You can also opt to sit back, relax, and play your favourite Irish slot at on a mobile device while enjoying the outdoors in one of the many beautiful parks. The choices are pretty much endless when you are down in the beauty of Kent! Let’s look at some of the top ideas for you to keep in mind:


The Chapel Down Winery

Drinking fine liquor and gaming often goes well together. And should you go with the option mentioned above of relaxing with an online game, what better way to do it than at a winery? You can enjoy the largest producer of English wines with some fresh produce from the Chapel Down Winery store. Or book a table at their restaurant to celebrate with loved ones, including a bar. Or explore the outdoors with a guided wine tour. Either way, the Tenterden estate thrives in ensuring their guests an insightful and relaxing experience. 


Jetstream Tours

Experience the riveting tales of the River Medway and Thames Estuary if you choose to go on a ride with Jetstream Tours. This is where you’ll be met with one more choice to make; chill on the passenger boat or seek a thrilling adventure. Remember to hold on to your seat if you go with the latter, as the jet boat sails past the Chatham Historic Dockyard and Upnor Castle. Jetstream Tours also operates the ferry connecting Kent and Essex on Monday to Saturday.



If you prefer the land over the river, you can visit Wildwood to appreciate nature. The British wildlife park features over 200 indigenous animals across 40 acres of prehistoric greenwood. Take a glimpse at the diverse wildlife, including Arctic Foxes, Bears, Deer, Lynx, Wild Horses, Wolves, Wild Boars, and much more. If you’re celebrating with children, the park offers an enormous drop slide, tube slide, wild-fort, tree-top tours, and other fun and adventurous playground activities.


Kent & East Sussex Railway

The Kent & East Essex Railway hosts a Fish & Chips restaurant on a classic steam-locomotive travelling through the Rother Valley to keep things rolling. Because it’s considered an event, booking in advance is essential due to its popularity. Another thing you can keep rolling is some dice if you choose to pop in at the Fun Casino Theme Nights Kent, where you can expect to enjoy elegant themes such as James Bond, Las Vegas, Hollywood/Awards Nights, 1920s Speakeasy, or Peaky Blinders. 



One super-fun way to get a birthday in full swing is to get in touch with Andy Smith, who offers a casino-for-rent service! Get all the classic casino games set up in your house or garden, and let your friends and family come and enjoy the gaming fun on offer. Couple it up with an elegant dress code, and you will be the talk of the town, or the whole of Kent if you put on a huge event!


To Conclude

There is a multitude of fun ways to enjoy your birthday in Kent. Whether you prefer good clean fun, celebrating with the kids. Or you like living life on the edge, you have options that include anything from wineries to jet sails and casino nights with fun themes. You’re spoilt for choice. Kent is magical, filled fill history, beauty and all your modern needs.



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