Growing Your Company Brand

Branding is a key part of any business plan, being the primary driver for new organic custom and an indispensable tool in any sales funnel. Utilizing branding not only engenders trust in consumers, but also advertises your offering and ethos in an efficient and wholly effective manner. Here are some of the principal ways in which you can address your company’s branding and grow your customer base as a result.

A Quality Logo

A good brand begins with a good logo. Your logo will be the primary point of interaction with your brand for new and prospective customers; it can say a lot about a business, with sleek designs indicating an efficient and tech-led organisation and subtler, artistic designs suggesting creativity.

You can use your logo for physical communications like letters and business cards; you can also utilize open banking solutions that let you print your company logo onto payment and gift cards, providing new and unique ways to get your brand identity out there. Over time, your logo will become more recognisable, increasing your reach as well as your engagement. With this, you can use your logo to effectively communicate your brand’s direction before a customer knows what your product is.

Social Media

Social media has fast become a central tenet of business marketing and branding. Through the use of disparate social media platforms, you can create a cohesive brand presence in digital spaces, each of which have their own unique benefits for companies. Twitter’s short-form text-based offering enables quick and direct engagement with new and existing customers, as well as fast customer support for any public queries or complaints. Facebook is an excellent repository for business information and news, while Instagram enables you to curate a library of press photos and simultaneously gain a following.

Tone of Voice

When we talk about a brand’s tone of voice, we aren’t talking about individuals. Instead, we’re talking about the way your business “speaks” across platforms – from the copy on your website to private messages on social media and even internal marketing documentation.

For the customer, a brand’s tone of voice can often be the clincher for whether they invest. Standardizing your business’ tone across platforms instils a sense of trustworthiness, as differing tones between sites (such as a cold, professional tone in messages contrasted against a bombastic ad campaign) can confuse customers and put them off. Unity across your brand’s platforms enables you to more effectively target your demographics and sell your vision clearly.


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