Guide to Hiring a Band for Your Party


Every good party has one thing in common: great music. Music sets the ambience for the party and engages the guests. If you want a party that will get people moving, you should have someone in charge of playing music throughout the event. However, if you’re going to step it up a notch, you can hire a live band.


Live bands are great for parties because they can play music based on your guests’ requests, and it’s more entertaining than just music booming from a pair of speakers. Your event could also have added prestige if you successfully book famous artists.

If you don’t have the slightest clue how to begin hiring a musical act, we’ve got you covered with these tips.


Book your acts early

Most musical acts worth their salt will be fully booked by clients well in advance, sometimes even a whole year before the date. If you have your eyes on a popular band, your best bet is to contact them as soon as you have the details of the party ironed out.


That being said, these acts aren’t easy to contact due to the sheer number of emails and calls they get in a day. As a result, you’re more likely to succeed if you hire a party suppliers service. Some suppliers also have special access to big bands, prioritising any events they handle over others.


Set a budget

Big acts are said to ask a huge talent fee, as high as a hundreds of thousands. If you set your sights this high, prepare to shell out big bucks to get them to perform at your party. This isn’t even counting the props and equipment they need to deliver a good show. Determine a realistic budget for the musical act to avoid misunderstandings with your supplier.


Pick the right artist/band

Ask yourself what the party’s theme and vibe will be. This will significantly narrow down which musical acts are suitable for the event. Hiring classical musicians like a pianist or a string quartet might be best if you want a romantic and calm evening. You could also employ a singer more known for ballads or soothing music. If your guests are primarily young adults looking to party the night away, hire a famous band or artist who can play dance tunes and rock music.


Music can turn a drab party into a lively and fun affair. If you book early, stick to your budget, and pick an artist suitable for the mood you want to set up, your guests will indeed have a great time. Remember that studio singing is very different from live singing, so you should verify their talents before signing any contracts. Use the internet to look for videos and see how well they can sing or play live. This is also useful in observing how the artist or band engages with the audience in their previous events, as it can help you decide whether to book them or not.


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