Here’s how you can expand your landscaping business

When it comes to expanding your landscaping business, there are a number of factors to consider. 

The first – and arguably most important – factor is that presumably you have built your business from the ground up. As a result, your brand has been built successfully upon your personal landscaping skills. The natural worry is that, as you assume control over a number of employees and scale back your personal hands-on contribution, that the quality control will deteriorate and your business’ reputation will be tarnished. 

Another concern will be how you will afford to scale up. Landscaping equipment is not cheap, so finding the necessary capital is not a given.

While these are understandable concerns, they are not necessarily barriers to stop you expanding.

Here’s how you can expand your landscaping business:

Rent equipment when you need it to cut capital outlay costs

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to expanding your landscaping business is how much it will cost to invest in new equipment to keep up with your increasing customer demand. 

While buying your own equipment is a good decision if you have significant amounts of spare capital, it is not essential.In fact, you will likely find it far more economically savvy to hire equipment from a supplier like Boels if and when you need it. This is especially useful when it comes to single-purpose tools that will only be needed once or twice a year. Instead of locking your money in tools and equipment that will only lose money, you can hire them for the day or week, thus unlocking your capital to spend elsewhere. This will help you expand significantly faster.

Consider offering a client referral scheme

A great way to expand your landscaping business is to offer a special discount or bonus to any client who refers you to someone else. While it might sound like it only loses you money in the short term, treat the scheme like any long-term investment. It will eventually bear fruit, and when it does, your business (and profits) should expand significantly.

Focus on training your staff to work independently 

One of the greatest fears of any entrepreneur is what happens when they delegate hands-on control to someone else. It is natural to feel apprehension, because if your quality control suffers, you can quickly lose clients.

However, as long as you train your staff well and choose who you delegate control to carefully, then you should only be rewarded for this expansion by greater profits and a more stable business. 

After all, there is another side to this coin. If you insist on doing the lion’s share of the work yourself, even as word spreads and your business expands, you risk spreading yourself too thinly and collapsing under the mountains of work. The inevitable result would be exactly what you strived to prevent – a drop in work standards, lost clients and a tarnished brand.

Don’t spread yourself too thin – stick to a designated area

It is also important to stay within a certain area – at least until you have the necessary infrastructure in place to expand nationally. This has two positive effects on your landscaping business. Firstly, by concentrating on a specific area, you can quickly build a strong reputation, reduce travel costs, and get to know certain customers or prospects far better than if you were rushing up and down the country, lurching from one stranger to the next.

Secondly, this increases the possibility of becoming a market leader in the medium term. 

While calling yourself a nation-wide company sounds impressive, often it just means you are one small fish in a huge ocean. By staying within a smaller area, your name will spread, you will learn the names of everyone who wants their garden landscaped and you will be better able to deliver the personal service that people naturally demand.


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