How Do You Know If Your Lighting Suits Your Home?


Lights are one of my favourite things about interiors. Wherever I go, I tend to look at how they have used different light elements to bring about an artistic essence. You can easily tell if the lighting suits the place or not. Yes! Some things won’t suit your interiors even if they match your style and preferences. 


Hence, in this blog, we will see whether that favourite pendant light truly does go with your dining room. 


What light scheme should different rooms have?


We will list some of the rooms and how the lighting for each should be. So that you can decide for yourself whether your current lighting truly suits you. 



Not every house has an entryway. But, those that have them should place importance on choosing a warm and welcoming colour. In the Lamp and Light online store, you can easily find different lights that suit different parts of the house. Always pick a warm tone light for your entryway. And ceiling lights are the best and the most simplistic choice. 

Living room

The living room is the place where you get together as a family. So, it definitely should be lively and vibrant. You should have the options for a bright light that covers the whole room and also dim lights that focus on certain areas. Pick floor lamps for ambient lighting and pendant light for task lighting. 


Another popular option that will suit the living room is the ability to dim the lights.  So that you can pick the light based on the mood. 


Dining room

Do you have extremely bright LED lights in your dining hall? Then, you are doing a common mistake that most homeowners do. Instead, look for chandeliers/pendant lights that hang right above the dining table. But, be sure you do not place lights anywhere away from the dining tables. It can cast a shadow on the table, making for a poor choice of lighting. 



Your kitchen should always have bright lights near the counter. Other than that, you can have minimal lights in rarely used areas. Make sure that you have a dedicated light for the area over the sink. This lets you save energy when working on cleaning the vessels. The most useful option is by using a separate pendant light for each section of your kitchen. 



The bedroom is the best place for you to experiment with vibrant colours. But, never have an extremely bright light for the bedroom as it will encourage you to spend your productive time lazing around the bed. Our recommendations: A bedside table lamp or floor light. 



This is the only place in the house where bright LED lights become indispensable. You can choose between sconce, ceiling lights or concealed hard-wired lights for your bathrooms. 




Every room in your house/flat has a unique character. Try identifying what the is, and it will make your lighting choices a whole lot better.



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