How Long Does CBD Stay In Your System?



Research has shown some promising benefits for those who consume CBD, from reducing anxiety and stress to promoting better sleep. But whether you use CBD every so often or regularly, you may be wondering how long it will stay in your system. No matter what form you take CBD in, the length of time it will stay on your system actually depends on a few different factors. In this blog, we’ll explore what impacts the lasting effect of CBD. 


Types of CBD


The way you consume CBD can impact how long it stays in your system. CBD oil, for example, can remain in your system longer than inhaling it, because it has to be absorbed by your gastrointestinal tract. A product such as the CBD drinks from OTO will be milder in dose and therefore won’t remain in the system as long as a pure oil. CBD is fat-soluble, so they can accumulate in fat tissue if you use CBD regularly, whereas someone who is only consuming CBD occasionally won’t have this issue. 


How and what you eat


Following a high fat meal, higher levels of CBD will be found in your bloodstream and it will remain in your system for longer than if you consume CBD while fasting, or on an empty stomach. High-fat foods such as cheese, nuts and avocados can increase the exposure and absorption rate of CBD considerably. So if you’re eating a high fat diet along with consuming CBD regularly, this could mean that it lingers in your system for a longer period. 


How your liver processes the CBD


Some medical conditions can affect how long CBD stays in your system, such as those affecting the liver. This is because CBD is processed by the liver, and so those taking medications that are metabolised by the liver or who have liver conditions will find that this impacts how quickly the CBD is broken down and eliminated. 


How much and how often you consume CBD


If you’re someone who uses CBD regularly, it can build up over time and remain in your system for longer. It builds in the fatty tissues in the body and can stay in the system for weeks, rather than days, in these individuals. Naturally, how much you consume will also affect the length of time it stays in your system. A higher dose will take longer for the body to process compared to a milder dose. A 2005 study found that 1.35mg of CBD was only detectable for around six hours in the bloodstream, but that higher doses were detectable for longer. 


Final thoughts


As we can see, the lasting effects of CBD vary depending on a variety of factors. In people who consume highly purified CBD, the elimination half-life is between 14-17 hours, and since it takes around 5 half-lives for the body to completely eliminate any drug, CBD is likely to stay in your system for around 3 and a half days.

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