How To Bring The Outside In When Designing A New Office Space 

The design of ‘modern’ office spaces has evolved significantly over recent years, with the rise of hybrid working leading many companies to redesign their workspaces to incorporate more flexible features. 

While hybrid workspaces are the core trend everyone’s talking about, one style that has quietly slipped under the radar is nature-inspired offices.

Known as biophilic office design, the trend is rising in popularity thanks to the fact that it can reduce stress and improve productivity among workers. 

For office managers who want to incorporate elements of the natural world into their workspaces, there are a lot of factors to consider. Here are some basic tips to get things started. 


Add Plants To Your Office Space


The simplest approach is to integrate indoor plants and greenery throughout the office. Plants enhance aesthetics and improve air quality and well-being, so they are worth adding to your office. When adding plants, choose low-maintenance species that thrive indoors and are easy to care for. 

There are many plants that work well in offices, ranging from small ones for desks to tall plants that look great in communal areas, meaning that you can integrate plants throughout your space. 


Offer Views Of Nature


Incorporating plants into your office isn’t always easy, and if you want to see more greenery without turning your workspace into a scene from The Day Of The Triffids, try instead to position workspaces to take advantage of outdoor views, such as parks, gardens, or green spaces. 

Also, consider placing communal areas near windows with attractive views, like break rooms and meeting spaces. Your staff can then see and immerse themselves in nature without having to look after loads of indoor plants. 

Choose Natural Materials


Plants aren’t the only natural items you can use in your office design to make it more welcoming and productive. You can also select materials and textures that evoke the outdoors, such as stone or wood accents. 

Textured wallpapers with nature-inspired patterns can also create a more inviting atmosphere that evokes thoughts of nature and makes your office stand apart from other dull corporate workspaces. 


Work With An Experienced Office Fit Out Company 


Creating the perfect office space, combining natural elements with modern features, can be incredibly difficult, especially if you’ve never designed a workplace. 

Collaborating with an experienced office fit-out provider like Amos Beech means that you can create a nature-themed workspace that will meet the requirements of your employees and give them the working environment they need to thrive. 


A Final Word On Integrating Nature Into Your Office Design


Overall, drawing inspiration from nature can be fun and exciting when designing the perfect office space. However, it’s important to remember that the specific design elements you choose should align with your company’s culture, the available budget, and the preferences of your employees. 

It can be easy to get overexcited and overdo things, but a balance between nature-inspired aesthetics and functionality is essential to create a harmonious and productive workspace that is productive and pretty.

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