How to Budget for the Wedding of Your Dreams

Weddings can be expensive and with the average UK wedding costing over £17,000 it’s no wonder couples are cautious, especially with the current rise in the cost of living. Budgeting is now a necessity for many and with YouTube and Instagram accounts dedicated to saving, there are plenty of tips for saving towards your big day. 

Set a Budget – And Stick to It!

When planning a wedding, it’s important to know how much money you have available to spend. Take time to allocate a set amount of money towards each part of the wedding, this could be the suits, cars or venue. Decide which are your priorities and if there are any areas you’re prepared to cut back on. Once your budget is finalised, the most important part begins – sticking to it.

Look After the Pennies and the Pounds Will Look After Themselves

Sometimes the old saying holds weight and this is one of those occasions. When planning a wedding it can be easy to be overwhelmed by expenses, especially when looking at the overall sum needed for your big day. Make saving easy by collecting your coins – have a jar each for 50p, £1 and £2 coins. Pop your change in the correct jar and you’ll soon find the amount mounts up.

Savings Challenges

When saving for something specific such as your wedding dress it can be helpful to have a specific goal in mind. Be realistic about how much you can save – remember to keep enough money aside for all your usual bills and expenses – then make yourself a savings challenge. This could be a sheet with different denominations on it that add up to your goal amount or why not try the 52-week envelope challenge? Write numbers 1-52 on individual envelopes and each week choose an amount to put aside. Within a year you’ll have £1378! If you need inspiration search for wedding dresses near me and when you find the perfect dress you’ll have money put away ready to pay a deposit.

Creative Cutbacks

It can be tempting to buy all-new for an occasion as special as a wedding, but if money is tight there are plenty of ways you can cut down on expenditure without compromising. When budgeting for decorations, consider if there are centrepieces you can make yourself (or with the help of your friends and family) – paper flowers are easy to make and look effective at bohemian, country weddings. Don’t turn your nose up at second-hand items either – items such as vases for floral arrangements, easels for seating plans and teacups for afternoon tea can be found at bargain prices on local selling sites. Charity shops can also throw up some excellent solutions without breaking the bank, and you have the bonus of knowing you’re also helping someone in need.

Planning your wedding is an exciting time so enjoy the process. Make finding bargains and putting money aside a personal challenge so you can have the wedding day of your dreams!

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