How to Choose the Right Thank-You Gift for Catholic School Teachers

There are times when your child has had a particularly special teacher who went above and beyond the call of duty when teaching that class. Although parents like to give a thank-you gift at year’s end to all their children’s teachers, sometimes it is financially difficult to do. With that said, do you have that one teacher who has inspired your child throughout the entire year? 

Perhaps it was that one teacher who got through to a pupil who had previously been unreachable by other teachers and support staff. There is nothing uncommon about that, as many families of primary and secondary kids can tell you. Sometimes kids just have trouble adjusting to academia and sometimes teachers just aren’t able to reach them. If there was that one special teacher this year in the Catholic school your child attends, let’s look at how to choose the right gift.

Gifts for Catechism Teachers

While some schools have a budget for teachers of special subjects, others rely on classroom teachers to fill the vacancy. This is often the case with catechism teachers, and that’s why some of the younger clergy steps up to teach religious education one or more days a week. In fact, in classes preparing for Holy Communion or Confirmation, priests often make it their responsibility to teach at least one lesson a week. 

If you are looking for a special gift for a special member of the clergy who took your child’s class under his wing, you could check out lovely liturgical accessories among other religious products he might appreciate. Bear in mind, a priest’s budget may be as limited as yours, so this would something he could treasure.

Mugs, Plaques, and Accessories

While you wouldn’t want to get a Catholic school teacher a liturgical accessory, you could always find other types of gifts to be treasured as a token of your appreciation. Teacher mugs make especially nice gifts, and these can be easily customised. You could have them printed with such things as #1 Teacher or have a class picture sublimated onto the mug. However, with the end of the school just around the corner, this is something that should be ordered as soon as possible.

Gifts From the Entire Class

Sometimes families get together to collect money to buy the classroom teacher a gift from the entire class. In this way, they can find something really lovely that they wouldn’t be able to afford individually. It could be a weekend stay at a coastal beach resort or perhaps dinner for two at a 5-star London restaurant. It isn’t exactly something related to the faith, but it is a gift from the heart, thanking them for all the ways in which they went the extra mile for your sons and daughters.

It’s the Thought That Counts

As cliché as that might sound, finding a way to show your appreciation for your child’s teachers really is all about the thought behind it. Your children are the most important beings in your life and when they have been well cared for throughout the school year, it makes sense that you would like to show your gratitude to the teacher or teachers who were there every day in secular as well as religious matters. It takes one little gift to express your appreciation and that’s what counts – the fact that you recognise the time and attention given to your child.

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