How to explore Kent in a sustainable and eco-friendly way 

The global pandemic has completely changed the way we travel, making us more responsible and much more eager to have complete experiences, capable of going beyond the journey itself and generating unique, conscious and extremely intense emotions. The empowering effect of the health emergency has not yet been discussed enough: it was – and still is – a totalising experience, which has radically changed the lives of each one of us, disrupting our daily habits and rhythms. Learning, work, social relations, the pandemic has changed everything, like a real hurricane that hit our lives with extreme violence, leaving deep and indelible traces. 


Covid-19 also radically transformed people’s consciousness, making them much more practical and much better prepared to deal with life’s problems, be they big or small. But the health emergency, with all its dire consequences – such as the dreaded lockdowns and the long periods we spent cooped up at home – has also acted at a deeper level of consciousness, affecting our beliefs, values and social responsibility, and clearly changing the way we approach the world and our general outlook on life. 


The new travellers 


This change has been particularly evident in all activities related to travel, to those journeys – short or long – that for some time have thrown people out of their homes, making them savour again a freedom that was thought to be lost and unattainable. For a two-year period, many frequent travellers were in fact forced to stay at home, in the total impossibility of reaching even destinations considered relatively simple and close to their country of residence. 


These limitations have not only generated a very strong desire for freedom, sharpening travellers’ propensity to explore unknown territories, but have also given birth to a new kind of traveller, much more attentive, practical and responsible than before, animated by a much more acute sensitivity to everything that has to do with the deepest meaning of the experiences they live every day, every single moment. This is one of the most evident effects of a traumatic and unprecedented experience such as the pandemic, which has changed (perhaps forever) the way people live and analyse their experiences. 


The post-Covid traveller is a completely different creature than before: after this terrible two-year period, he has begun to question himself more frequently about the reasons that drive him to perform certain actions, or about the authentic and profound meaning of the experiences he chooses to live, taking into consideration – perhaps for the first time – the impact of his choices on the existence of others, in an all-encompassing perspective that embraces other human beings and the environment in which they live. 


Many travellers, for example, have started to choose particular tourist destinations that involve less consumption of environmental resources, less impact on natural ecosystems, such as travelling by train. It is no coincidence that this phenomenon has also manifested itself in Kent: many people have begun to explore the county by train, perhaps stopping at Walmer Castle, Canterbury Cathedral or the Folkestone Harbour Arm, a particularly popular destination for lovers of wine tasting and culinary delights. The knowledge that they have chosen an environmentally friendly mode of travel, for the new travellers who have survived Covid-19, seems to significantly intensify their enjoyment of travelling, propelling them into a previously unknown dimension of enjoyment. 


The effects of change 


This inclination towards sustainability has also profoundly influenced people’s favourite methods of entertainment, such as those having to do with online entertainment. This genuine revolution has already greatly affected the world of gambling and the best online casinos, which have already become to all intents and purposes a viable alternative to land-based casinos. The transition to increasingly hybrid forms of entertainment, between physical and digital, has also involved sustainability and environmental friendliness, prompting many people to prefer an online game to an equivalent experience in a land-based venue. The huge selection of slots and casino games, as well as a large number of reviews and useful guides for using online platforms, have already made these sites the first choice for anyone who wants to indulge in genuine fun, safely and without any hassle. 


Our consciences, having emerged unscathed from the grips of Covid, are now able to experience emotions in a more intense, almost collective way, thanks to the invaluable and amplifying contribution of responsibility.


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