How to Have the Perfect Staycation This Summer


How many times have you saved all year long for the perfect holiday only to be sorely disappointed in everything about it? Not only did it cost more money than you care to remember but you didn’t have the fun you had anticipated. In fact, the reverse was true. Wherever you went there was an issue such as the 5-star restaurant you had planned to dine in with the wife for your 10th anniversary somehow lost your reservation. 

There was no room at the inn, so to speak, which forced you to choose a lesser restaurant where the food was anything but acceptable. The pool was closed at the hotel for repairs and many of the advertised venues were still closed even after Covid restrictions had been lifted. This year, you and the wife have decided on a staycation, but you’ve never done one so are now wondering what that means. Here’s what it means and how you can plan the perfect staycation you will always remember.

Start With a “Local Bucket List”

The first thing to do is make a list of all the things you’ve been meaning to see and do right there in your own community. Some staycationers call it their “Local Bucket List.” For one reason or another, you have never made it to the newly renovated museum of local history, and you’ve never gone camping under the stars in the backyard. There are so many things you’ve been meaning to do right here in your proverbial backyard but never found the time or gumption to do any of them.

Don’t Answer the Phone!

One of the most important things you can do is to treat your staycation just like you would if you were taking a holiday abroad. For all intents and purposes, you are not home. No, you can’t go to the casinos in Majorca as you’ve done in past years, but you surely can play at online casinos without subjecting yourselves to crowded, smoke-filled rooms. Leave a message on your phone telling callers you are away on holiday and if it’s an emergency, contact the person you’ve left in charge of running interference for you. It could be a family member or a neighbor but let someone else do the talking while you play at being away.

How to Handle Anyone Who Shows Up Unannounced

Although you’ve done your best to stay well ‘hidden’ in your plans for a staycation, there will always be that nosey neighbor or relative who decides there’s something odd going on. They think nothing of showing up at your door, unannounced, even though they’ve heard your phone message several times. The best advice you can be given is to try to avoid answering the door. If you’ve hidden your vehicle in the garage, they might get tired of waiting and simply leave. If not and the ringing/knocking continues, you may need to answer the door and tell them politely you’ve asked not to be disturbed on holiday. 

It may be difficult to avoid friends and family, but it can be done. Keep all communications short and sweet while letting them know that you are on a staycation and will talk to them when you get back. With that, gently shut the door and get back to binge-watching Netflix. It’s what you’ve always wanted to do and now’s your chance! With that, we’ll wish you bon voyage.


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