How to make a new build feel like home

Fresh walls and floors, state-of-the-art equipment, and an energy-efficient heating system: there are many advantages to buying a new build home in Kent, but there’s no denying that they can feel sterile when you first move in. However, just a few touches are all it takes to put your stamp on the property and make it feel like home.

  • Make it familiar

The key to settling into a new space is to make it feel familiar. As part of your initial unpacking, find and display decorations that inspire comfort such as photographs of happy memories with family and friends and souvenirs from holidays. Lighting scented candles and cooking to fill the house with your favourite smells will help to make it welcoming too.

  • Incorporate colour

Neutral colour palettes dominate in new homes because they’re universally appealing and make rooms seem more airy and bright. However, this neutrality can start to seem clinical after a while, so incorporate colour as soon as possible to make it feel personal. 

Get the most impact by adding bright shades to the walls. Cool tones like blue and green work best in restful spaces such as the living room and bedroom. Bear in mind that you should wait 12 months before painting new walls as they need time to dry out and settle.

  • Introduce textures

Alongside colour, introducing textures will help to make an old unlived space feel cosy. Deck out sofas, chairs and beds with simple soft furnishings such as throws and pillows that invite relaxation. You can also add rugs underfoot to help functional areas such as the hallway and kitchen feel warm and welcoming.

As you decorate, pick out your favourite materials and pair them against each other to showcase your personality. Natural woods juxtapose wonderfully with glass and metal and complement other organic materials like stone and marble.

  • Prioritise lighting

Any interior designer will tell you to prioritise lighting to achieve a pleasant atmosphere in every room in your home. Bright overhead lighting can inspire productivity while lamps exuding a soft glow are instantly soothing.

In rooms where you want the flexibility of different moods like the kitchen, use layered lighting that can be adjusted accordingly. This might include suspended lights hung above the countertop for good visibility complemented by dimmable overhead lights and under-cupboard illumination.

  • Add houseplants

Last but not least, hop on one of the latest home interior trends – biophilia – and add houseplants to each room. These will remind of you nature which inspires a sense of serenity, and help oxygenate the space for positivity, reduced stress and improved concentration.

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