How to Make Sure You’re Not Ripped Off When Buying Luxury Goods

Do you think you can tell the difference between real and fake luxury goods? While most of us may have been able to in the past – no-one is going to believe a £10 Prada handbag sold on a market stall is the legitimate thing – these days there are some pretty impressive replicas flooding the marketplace. In fact, data released by H&T Pawnbrokers found that unaware Brits spend over £3.2 million every year on fake luxury items. But how can you tell the difference? Let’s take a look.


Whether you want to buy a Rolex for yourself, or a Tag Heuer for a friend, it pays to know what to
look for. Here are some tips:

– Forged watches tend to lack the same functionalities of the original watch.
– Each watch should have its own serial number. On fakes, it’s likely that one serial number
will be used across the collection.
– High quality materials are heavy, making the watch heavy in return. If the watch you are
looking at feels light, it’s probably fake.
– Legitimate luxury watches are refined pieces of art, with every little detail spaced and placed
as intended. Fake watches might look similar, but if you look closely at the details, you
should be able to notice the difference.

Of course, some of the above will only be obvious if you purchase a watch in person – you won’t be
able to see how heavy a watch feels when looking at in a browser, for example. If you plan to shop
online, it’s important to look for sellers who specialise in watches and their parts. CHRONEXT, for
example, sells watchmaker certified Rolex watches that you can be sure are the official items. They
also have a clear return policy on their site, which is important.


With jewellery having such a high purchase price, you do not want to get ripped off. Here are some
things to check:

– Legitimate jewellery will come in a dust bag and official packaging.
– High quality jewellery won’t damage your skin. Fakes will often leave a yellow/green residue
– If buying online, take a look at the photos – high quality jewellery will have high quality
photographs that show off every element of the piece.
– Designer jewellery will usually be hallmarked, so make sure to check for these stamps.
Again, if buying online, make sure to purchase from an established jeweller if you are unsure.


Finally, we have bags. An important accessory in both men and women’s wardrobes, let’s take a look
at how to tell the difference between legitimate designer items and fakes.

– Designer bags don’t come with authenticity cards. Those that do are fake.
– Luxury bags are built with high quality construction. They should not lose their shape, there
should be no loose threads, and the material should be high quality.
– Like watches, designer bags should have a unique serial number.
– Finally, tags are very rarely attached to designer bags. They will be included inside the bag
itself or as part of the packaging.
Now that you’re aware of what to look out for, hopefully you’ll be able to avoid some of the fake
goods flooding the market.










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