How to organise your wardrobe

It should be easy to find an outfit in your wardrobe. You should be able to find jeans and a nice top, or your favourite work suit without having to fight through mountains of clothing. A poorly organised wardrobe makes it difficult to get ready in the morning, adding stress when it’s least needed. You have to scour through your washing basket, floordrobe and fresh laundry to find a pair of socks. It’s not exactly the ideal wardrobe situation. 


Follow this quick guide to make a wardrobe that works for you and your lifestyle.


Take everything out 


Remove everything from your wardrobe and dresser and start making piles by category. Once all your tops are in one place, you can see what you actually have in your wardrobe. Throw away anything that you haven’t worn in a year or doesn’t fit anymore. Don’t fall into the trap of keeping clothes that ‘may’ fit one day. This is a harmful mentality that can have a huge impact on your body confidence. 


Seeing what you already own laid out in their sections will help you see where you may have too many of one item or are lacking in another. It can also help you realise just how many clothing items you need to make space for and if you’re over buying clothing, seeing it all together can often paint a far clearer picture than when they’re hung up or folded into drawers.


Organise by category


Separate your clothes into categories, like winter, summer, formal wear, office wear and weekends. You can make your own sections to fit your lifestyle. For example, remote workers won’t need an office wear section. Your formal wear category only needs a few pieces – unless you attend elegant parties all the time. 


Using categories that fit your current lifestyle can help you decide if you need to change up your shopping habits or clothing choices for the lifestyle you want to have. Incorporating the  concept of ‘dressing for the life you want’ may help you feel more accomplished and on-track to achieving your goals as you’ll feel confident in the clothes and styles you wear rather than choosing items ‘just because’. 


Plan your storage space


Now you have an idea of what’s in your wardrobe, and how much space you need, you can start to plan how you’ll arrange your storage options. You could install some shelving in your current wardrobe for jumpers and activewear. Alternatively, you could invest in fitted wardrobes for your bedroom to maximise the amount of space available. You can store items from the floor all the way to the ceiling. 


Don’t keep everything in the wardrobe


Your wardrobe should hold the clothes you are wearing right now. Keep any holiday clothing, like bikinis or skiwear, elsewhere. You could store them under the bed or in the attic. It’s much easier to get dressed in the morning when there is a limited selection of clothing. You don’t need to browse through your salopettes while getting dressed for work. 


Drawers can be a great option if you have a lot of clothing that can be folded without creasing, while also providing you with storage or decorative space on top of them to hold trinkets or your necklace and ring stands.


At the start of every season, come back to your wardrobe and reassess your clothing collection. You might find a few items you’re not reaching for anymore. Or, perhaps the weather has started to change, and you need a few more jumpers in your wardrobe. Stay flexible and keep updating your wardrobe throughout the year. 


Switch up your wardrobe and make getting ready easy again.

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