How to Pick A Safe Online Casino in 2022


Fraud has become part of our lives. No one is safe from falling prey to these unscrupulous people. While some people lose large sums of money, others make money out of it. What makes it easier for fraudsters to “work” is people’s careless attitude towards their money. Cheating also exists in the iGaming environment. Unscrupulous operators make millions and even billions of dollars from the users who come to them.


Many players say that they are clever and experienced. They cannot be scammed, even if they try hard enough. However, the reality is much worse. Scams are becoming more sophisticated every year, which means that even experienced users can fall victim to them. To avoid this problem, investigate the honesty of the operator. It will take some time, but the integrity of the balance sheet is worth it. Let’s talk about what you need to do to protect yourself as much as possible from online casino scammers.


Carefully read as many reviews as you can find


Online reviews have become an integral part of our lives. A large part of the web considers it a duty to write reviews of products, services, companies and more. This trend has also touched on gambling. Experienced players are always keen to leave a message in the form of reviews for other players. This is very right, as someone with a lot of experience shares with other players about the quality of the online casino in question. You don’t have to pay anything at all to get the opinion of other players. You get valuable information about the institution and its work for free.


Reviews are great, but there is a nuance. One of the modern tools of casino promotion is buying good reviews. Scammers set up a site, pay people to write a positive opinion about the establishment and, as a result, attract new customers. There is another type of review – negative. A bad opinion about a casino does not guarantee truthfulness. In recent years, competitors have been fighting unfairly for customers’ attention. They also buy reviews, but with bad connotations and about their competitor. It is also worth remembering that absolutely every player faces problems. What matters is how the administration of the chosen institution deals with them.


To be fully confident in the chosen site, you need to be able to distinguish between a commissioned review text and a real one. To do this, you can contact the author of the post, ask questions about the casino in various forums and just play for small amounts. Only personal participation in the life of a gambling club will allow you to form an honest opinion about it.


Verify the casino’s license


Every casino must be licensed before it opens. It must be either local, if it is aimed at providing services in one country, or international. The second type of license covers the provision of internet services in dozens of countries around the world. It is sufficient to obtain authorisation from a jurisdiction authorised to issue such a license. Even though in 2022 any operator is happy to undergo the relevant procedure, some casinos have decided to save money. Such establishments should not be trusted, as it is immediately clear that prestige, reliability and security are unknown words for the company.


So what do we get after registering with a casino without a license? At the very least, fake games. Yes, the attitude of the establishment’s staff, winnings and withdrawals will be positive and timely. That will not always be the case. As soon as the operator collects the necessary amount of money for himself, everything will change dramatically. The casino itself will not lose anything from this. Yes, it will close, but another establishment will take its place. It will also be trusted at first, but everything will happen again. This will happen until the players learn to filter the honest and dishonest casinos. And it’s not hard to do.


Checking your license is easy. On each casino website, the operator places a digital stamp on the licensing regulator. This is needed so that users can access the document certifying the right to provide the relevant services at any time. Once you click on the license icon, you will be taken to a special link. There you will find the basic information about the company: duration of the license registered address of the company, types of activities allowed. Remember that the last point is just as important as the first. If the operator does not have the right to place lottery games on the site, there should not be any. Remember that a casino license is the first sign of its security.


Here is a more detailed guide how to check a casino’s license


Make sure the casino uses an SSL certificate


Safekeeping of customer data is a right rather than an obligation of online casinos. On the other hand, if you come to a licensed establishment, there is a good chance that it maintains at least a sufficient level of player security. Responsible, serious companies have no doubts about protecting your privacy. Their sites mandatorily use 128- or 268-bit encryption protocols. This ensures that personal, financial and gaming data is kept secure.


SSL encryption allows textual information to be converted into a set of random characters. This happens so quickly that no one will ever be able to access it. If the site you are playing on does not use these protocols, you risk losing both your money and your data. The latter can then be used by scammers to defraud others.


Anyone can check the level of customer protection against dishonest persons. It does not require any special IT knowledge. Pay attention to the address bar. If there is a clickable image of a lock on it, your data is secure.


Make sure the casino has a live chat


The presence of live chat in an online casino plays an important role, in player safety. Its staff work hard throughout the entire live chat period to provide players with a comfortable experience on the site. The live chat consists of several experienced employees with many years of experience in iGaming. As part of their expertise, they explain the casino rules, help resolve technical issues and even advise on financial matters. Simply put, live chat is one of the main options to look out for when registering. It is essentially the link between the operator and the customer.


Until a few years ago, live chat in most online casinos operated according to a certain schedule. For example, from 08:00 to 21:00 on weekdays and from 10:00 to 17:00 on weekends. As an experiment, several operators offered round-the-clock assistance to customers. Users appreciated the convenience of such a schedule and began to leave in droves for the gaming sites of these operators. Thanks to the round-the-clock chat, customers were able to resolve issues in a matter of minutes that previously had to be put off for long hours. More and more casinos are now moving to a 24/7 chat service to ensure that players constantly feel care and support from the gaming club.


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