How to play online bingo safely

Playing online bingo may be your favourite pastime, as it is for many people, but staying safe is crucial to ensure the fun always continues. The online world can be tricky to navigate, particularly if you’re not tech-savvy. So, we’ve put together some tips and tricks to help you stay safe while playing bingo online. Let’s begin!

Check the website

Your online bingo experience is only as safe as the company you’re playing with and the website you’re on. Fortunately, there are some basic things you can check to see if a particular website is safe and secure.

Firstly, it’s worth seeing if a bingo company has an official gambling licence. This can be done through the Gambling Commission website but you may also see reference to it on the website itself. With a gambling business licence, companies are strictly regulated and consumers are protected while playing online.

Next, it’s best to check the security features of the website. An SSL certificate means any personal information you enter will be encrypted and less vulnerable to theft and fraud. You can tell if a site has one by looking at the URL address bar – if there’s a padlock there or the full URL starts with HTTPS (rather than HTTP), then the website will be SSL encrypted.

See online reviews

Websites can often look official and have all the right security features, but looking at online reviews from past customers is always recommended. Plenty of positive reviews is always a good sign and you can usually find these by searching in Google or looking at sites such as Trustpilot.

A bingo site with no reviews typically isn’t a good sign, so it might be best to avoid it if this is the case. But it’s also worth considering what any reviews actually mean. Some people may give bad feedback because they weren’t lucky enough to win, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the bingo platform doesn’t offer a great experience and lots of fun.

Use trusted payment methods

Linking back to website security, payment methods are very important if you’re trying to stay safe playing online bingo. Alongside checking for SSL certificates, make sure you only use sites with trusted payment options such as official debit card portals and PayPal. 

If you enter your details into an unsecured website or payment process, you could be putting yourself and your money at risk.

Keep your personal information safe

Even after you’ve signed up for a secure bingo site, it’s still important to keep your personal information safe. Interacting with other players should be fun but be wary of anyone trying to get sensitive information or bank details from you. Other than that, have a load of bingo fun!


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