How to set up a garden party planning business 


There are many reasons why people love parties. Delicious food and drinks, fond company, and great memories, to name just a handful. 

Yet, throwing a brilliant event doesn’t mean you need a high-end venue. You don’t need to look far, either – the perfect party location is right in your backyard.

Outdoor parties share all the same strengths as the indoor kind, plus some more to boot. Namely, they provide a more intimate setting and give us the perfect excuse to spend some much-needed time outdoors. 

We all know how important this last point is. But if our stating it doesn’t convince you then perhaps the numbers will – according to research released by the Office for National Statistics, more than nine-tenths of UK adults think that spending time outdoors is good for physical and mental health.

So clearly, the public knows the real value of a good garden throwdown. But how can you cash in on the good news? Well, by setting up a garden party events business, of course. Keep reading to find out how.

  • Know your audience

As with any business, market research is crucial. You need to know exactly what types of people would hire you to throw a party in their garden. 

First of all, location will make a difference. Your business will likely do better in suburban areas, as houses in the inner city are less likely to have decent-sized backyards. You’ll most likely be catering to middle-class families and individuals as well. People know how to throw bog-standard garden parties. But your parties will be far from ordinary, and your audience will need to be willing to pay you for some extra oomph.

Look into any other businesses offering similar services in your area. You’ll be able to gauge the market from them and understand the most suitable price ranges. Think about how you can make yourself stand out from your competitors; this will help you to define yourself to your consumers.

  • Create your brand

While it feels quite satisfying to be a jack-of-all-trades, it also blends you into the background. If you want to stand out, you’ll need to find what makes your business unique and emphasise it to your audience.

Maybe it’s your gorgeous decorations. Or perhaps your delicious catering. Alternatively, you could gain a reputation for making the best party cocktails in the village. However you choose to define yourself, make sure to place it at the centre of your branding.

  • Acquire equipment

Once you know what you’ll be offering your clients, you’ll need to get together all the equipment, materials and tools that you’ll need to put it together. For instance, if you’re focusing on homemade, artisan decorations, then you’ll need to get handsaws and other tools to craft materials together. Alternatively, you might need cocktail paraphernalia or crockery sets. Reflect on your USP and what equipment will best complement this.

  • Develop a strategy

If you’ve followed the steps so far, you’re close to having everything you need to start your garden party planning business. Close, but not quite there yet. That’s because in today’s day and age, getting your business online is possibly the single most important thing you can do to get going. 

Create your own website, make social media pages and use helpful content to develop your online presence. This way, potential customers will have somewhere to find you – even if they heard about you through a traditional medium such as word of mouth.


Are you starting your own garden party planning business? Or do you have another events enterprise? What do you think is the most crucial step to getting started? Share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments section!

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