How Well is 5G In Kent Performing?

What is happening with the 5g in Kent? 5g is the future of internet technology and it is exciting to see what is happening with it. In this guide, how 5G is performing in Kent. Read on to learn more. 

What is 5G 

5G is the next generation of cellular mobile communications, succeeding 4G LTE networks. It aims to provide faster speeds, lower latency, and the ability to connect massive numbers of devices. The rollout of 5G is still in early stages globally and most carriers began deploying 5G in select areas of major cities starting in 2019. The broad 5G network coverage and widespread adoption is still years away. While analysts estimate it may take until 2025-2027 before 5G coverage is available in most developed countries. 

Early 5G deployments have used higher frequency mmWave signals which provide very high speeds but over much shorter distances. Major network providers have launched 5G in parts of many UK cities so far, but most areas still only have 5G in small hotspot locations. 

Challenges to broader 5G rollout include the need for more cell towers, new devices, network infrastructure upgrades, and expensive spectrum licensing. As the networks mature over time, speeds, coverage, and reliability are expected to improve significantly but in these early stages, the benefits of 5G are still limited to those in the right locations. 

The Rollout 

The rollout of 5G networks is underway across the UK, bringing faster download speeds and lower latency. Kent is one of the areas that now has 5G coverage from multiple providers. However, the performance of 5G in Kent so far appears to be hit-or-miss.   

On the positive side, those who have access to 5G in Kent report blazing fast download speeds, often over 1 Gbps, which is a huge improvement over 4G LTE networks. This enables much quicker downloading of videos, games, and files as 5G also provides extremely low latency, which is beneficial for online gaming, video calls, and other real-time applications. It also makes visiting gambling platforms such as 32red spins a breeze. 

5G coverage in Kent remains limited to small pockets in larger towns and cities. Those in rural areas of Kent are unlikely to have any 5G access yet even in areas advertised as having 5G, the signals may be inconsistent, with speeds dropping back down to 4G LTE at times.  

Network Congestion  

Network congestion has also been an issue, with some Kent 5G users reporting dramatic speed drops during peak usage times. The promise of 5G is incredible capacity and speed, but networks seem to be still working on boosting capacity to handle heavy traffic.

Network congestion happens when there is too much data traffic for the available capacity of a network, and this can slow down internet speeds and cause latency or lag. Congestion tends to happen more during peak usage times, such as evenings when many people are streaming video so areas with dense populations may also experience more congestion.  

5G aims to alleviate congestion through the use of more bandwidth via mmWave spectrum, advanced antenna technologies like MIMO, and network infrastructure upgrades. However, in the early stages of 5G rollout, congestion remains an issue in many areas. Congestion on 5G networks can mean speeds drop temporarily back down to 4G LTE levels, giving inconsistent performance. 

Network slicing technology on 5G networks could allow carriers to dedicate slices of bandwidth to critical applications like self-driving cars to avoid congestion. As carriers continue deploying more 5G small cells and improving backhaul infrastructure, the capacity and speeds should become much more consistent over time.


Much like the rest of the UK, Kent is enjoying the benefits of the 5G rollout. However, the technology is still brand new, so it hasn’t reached its full potential yet. As the tech continues to improve, we can expect to see 5G become available to more Kent residents. 


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