How You Can Create and Design the Best Roller Banners for Your Business


Roller banners are an iconic printed material that’s long been used as a means to promote a business – whether it’s to tell customers about a business’ new location or a newly opened shop or store, to inform customers about a special sale, or give consumers a good idea of what a business offers. Roller banners are on-point, easily noticeable, and can provide your business with the exposure it needs. But it’s one thing to know that you need a roller banner, and it’s another to create and design the perfect one. It entails a little bit of know-how on what to include and how to do it just right.  So how can you create and design the best roller banners for your business? Let’s find out.

  1. Select the size and other features and specs

Your roller banner has to be just the right fit for your intended space, and this is why the first step is to select the size and other features and specifications. How big do you think your roller banner should be? Keep the available space in mind and if you want to be doubly sure, take measurements of the space or area. You will also need to think about whether your roller banner will be shown outdoors or indoors because the area where you are planning to place it will affect your choice of material as well. For instance, if you are planning to put your roller banner outside, it’s better to choose materials like PVC so it can withstand the elements and be sturdier and stronger. 

  1. Determine where to place critical elements 

Anyone who specialises in roller banner printing and design, such as a printer in Stockport like Harveyboard Print & Digital, will tell you how essential it is to include some vital elements in your roller banner. These elements consist of your company logo, for one, and it also includes your main message. 

When it comes to your company logo, you would want to place it at the top or upper portion of your roller banner, preferably on the right side. The reason for this is quite simple: it’s where readers will usually look first. Make sure your logo is prominent and easily noticeable, so it’s a good idea to use the highest resolution images you can find. If you choose logo graphics with a low resolution, this can make your logo look pixelated – and it just wouldn’t give your customers a good impression of your business.

On the other hand, your main message should be placed at eye level, and aside from this, keep it simple and straightforward. Your message should be clear and easy to understand, and your readers should know with just a glance what you are trying to say.

  1. Don’t forget great images  

High-quality photos and images are also an essential element, so you’d want to choose images and backgrounds that aren’t just high quality but also in line with your company branding and message. Likewise, your graphics should complement your business and brand.  Here’s one more tip: try not to fill your roller banner with a myriad of photos or illustrations. Often, less is more and makes more of an impact, so you could also do well with just a single, high-quality and stunning image rather than several smaller, mediocre ones. 




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