Keeping Your Staff Motivated: 5 Top Tips 

As a business owner, it can be easy to focus on things like profits, revenue, and customers. These are certainly important, but they should never come at the expense of your employees. 

Staff are integral to any business. Without them, goods couldn’t be produced and delivered to your customers, and your business wouldn’t last very long. Keeping your staff motivated is the key to success and will push your business on to new heights. Read on to check out our X top tips for motivating your staff. 

1. Offer Employee Benefits 

Employee welfare has never been so important. If your staff doesn’t feel valued or if they feel you are not properly caring for them, they are never going to give you the effort required for your business to succeed, and they could even leave and find work elsewhere. 

To prevent this from happening, offer your employees benefits and rewards to demonstrate how much you appreciate the work they do. Visit the Zest Benefits website and check out some of the employee benefits solutions they offer, this can be the perfect way to keep your staff happy and motivated in the workplace. 

2. Consider Hybrid Working

Hybrid working has become increasingly popular in recent years. This is where you split your staff’s time between the office and their home, and the practice has been linked to several benefits for both employer and employee. 

Staff who work a hybrid pattern are more productive and are less at risk of mental health issues like burnout. Working from home for one or two days a week can also save on commuting costs, a saving that your staff will be grateful for. 

3. Encourage Communication

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure your staff is happy and satisfied in the workplace. If a team member has an issue, they should feel comfortable enough to raise it with you and share what’s bothering them. 

Fostering an open environment where your staff feels free to speak their mind is an incredibly effective motivational tool. It will make your employees feel like they have a voice and that their opinions matter and will be listened to.   

4. Change The Scenery

Whether it’s an office or a workshop, working in the same surroundings day after day can get tiring. This can lead to staff feeling demotivated and bored, which will reflect in their work and their productivity levels. 

Something as simple as rearranging the layout of the furniture can have an effect. Adding colour can also be an excellent option, as certain colours can influence our emotions and make us feel more energised and active. 

Bringing in plants can be effective too, as plants in workspaces have been linked to boosts in productivity levels. 

5. Organise A Day Out

Sometimes your staff will appreciate being awarded for the work they do. Organising a day out can be a fantastic way to do this, it will give your employees a well-deserved break and present a unique teamwork-building opportunity. 

Some ideas for work days out include paintballing, escape rooms, and scavenger hunts. These are fun activities first and foremost, but they also encourage teamwork and communication and will bring your employees closer together, which will benefit your business in the long run.


Keeping your staff motivated is essential if you want your business to see long-term, sustained success. Offering employee benefits, implementing a hybrid working scheme, encouraging communication, changing the scenery, and organising work days out are all extremely effective ways of demonstrating how much you appreciate your employees and keeping them motivated in the workplace.

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