Kent Flat Sells for New Record as Housing Market Heats Up

Kent has long boasted one of the more expensive housing markets in the UK. Spreading from the southeast of London to the coast, there are many very desirable properties across the county. From professionals seeking a quick commute to the capitals to lovers of the seaside, Kent is perfect for everyone who can meet the house price demands.

In May of this year, the craving for a place in Kent was perfectly showcased. Down in Folkestone and Hythe, a penthouse flat sold for £2 million. Found on Court Road in Hythe, the stunning property overlooking the Channel is one of many up for grabs. As reported by, another is available in Folkestone. This one’s a four-bedroom beach house for a little bit more – £2.2 million.

Of course, not every property in Kent goes for millions of pounds. There are still plenty of much more affordable homes knocking about. With the housing market seemingly heating up, though, it looks like anyone with a stake in Kent could be in for a decent chunk of profit should they test the market.

Averages for Kent properties

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The average Kent house price appears to have settled at a very enviable £457,000. That said, some cite £405,000 as the average. The true value likely lies somewhere in between – perhaps at around £430,000. Over the last 12 months, the prices were said to have sunk by three per cent. However, that three per cent down still holds the average at three per cent higher than the £442,000 peak of 2021. Either way, property goes for big sums in Kent.

While the headline of this article was a flat going for £2 million, the average is significantly lower – as you’d assume. You could get a flat in Kent for an average of £224,000 over the last 12 months. This is still quite high on the national average, but showcases the desire to live in Kent regardless of living space. Detached houses, as you’d assume, are the big-ticket items. They hit an average sale price of £636,000. That’s double many parts of the UK.

Selling up in a decent market

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At the turn of the decade, many central Londoners flooded into Kent to enjoy more scenic living spaces. Now, with this looking to be a continued trend this spring, more Kent residents can capitalise on the decent market. There are two ways to do this on You could sell the property straight away and move out in your own time by selling directly to the platform. Alternatively, they can sell the property as an estate agent would but without the legal fee.

The method of selling houses has become much more flexible thanks to online estate agents. This might be one of the contributing factors to the Kent housing market heating up. As is written, a slight improvement has been seen across the UK. Economic indicators have improved, including the lowest inflation in three years. Mortgage rates aren’t low, but the increases have simmered off.

Kent remains one of the most desirable places in the UK to live. This goes double for those with deep pockets, it would seem. With house prices rising, 2024 might be a good time to cash in.

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