Kent’s Fastest Growing Companies 2023

The UK, recognized as a powerhouse in the global business arena, presents a wealth of opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors to thrive. Renowned for its innovation and economic prowess, the country hosts a diverse range of flourishing industries. From technology advancements to media breakthroughs, renewable energy initiatives, and the booming world of e-commerce, the UK offers a dynamic business landscape that captivates visionaries from around the globe. In addition to its vibrant business scene, the country is also a hub of entertainment, catering to a variety of interests. From cinematic experiences in state-of-the-art movie theaters to the excitement of online gaming, including the thriving online casino sector featured on platforms like, the UK provides a multifaceted entertainment environment. As investors seek promising locations, Kent emerges as an attractive destination, characterized by its strategic positioning and opportunities for growth in various sectors.

Kent has become a key point for different diverse industries, with an excellent mix of creative entrepreneurs and global innovators driving economic prosperity in the county. The UK County has an incredible record of supporting rapid growth in different sectors, including creative & digital, life sciences, food & drink, and manufacturing. Kent also has a strong regional and national reputation for viticulture, tourism, and construction.

The county’s commercial offer features world-leading production facilities and innovative office spaces nestled in the natural beauty surrounding Kent. That makes Kent a prime choice for companies looking to get away from London’s high prices. Here are five of the fastest-growing companies in Kent County in 2023.

  • Hectic Lifestyles

When Bal Sandher launched the nutritional supplement company Hectic Lifestyle, he invested his life savings in the business, a total sum of £1,200. However, his decision to launch his first product line in 2018 proved to be the seed for year-on-year growth since then.

Sandher’s £1,200 investment in a hangover cure supplement organically grew into a £5.2 million business before taking any loans. Today, Hectic Lifestyle is one of the fastest growing companies in Kent County thanks to their ever-growing facility at Medway Valley Park.

  • BLT-UK

Sometimes succeeding in business is all about being in the right place at the right moment. BLT-UK was a successful and growing business specializing in power transmission and bearings systems, operating from two sites in Ashford.

BLT-UK parts are used in everything from Volvo to Scania lorries. In 2019, the company decided to be the exclusive UK supplier for MSK Medical products, seeing it as an excellent add-on to their existing customers. A few months when the pandemic arrived in 2020, its products witnessed unprecedented demand levels, propelling its business to new heights.

  • Bauvill

When Damien South launched Bauvill in 2014, the company’s ambitions were quite modest. What started as a refurbishment local contractor serving the Medway area turned into a multi-million-pound business that’s stretching across South England at a tremendous rate.

As a main contractor, Bauvill is still an independently owned company, with Damien working as a managing director. The company boasts a remarkable success, with its revenue soaring from £5.1 million in 2018 to £15.5 million in 2022. Today, the company focuses on three main areas, health, education, and commercial. 

  • GGT Estates

Launched in December 2004, GGT Estates is a multi-million-pound business and one of the fastest-growing companies in Kent County. In 2021, the company recorded about £5 million in sales and its profits are gradually increasing in 2023.

  • Riddingtons Payroll

Launched in 2016, Riddington Payroll has risen from strength to strength, with a turnover of £80 million. With years of experience in the accounting and tax fields, the company provides solutions for engaging workers that don’t meet the strict criteria of taking up roles as self-employed contractors. As such, the company helps businesses eliminate the risk of assessing employment status when engaging self-employed contractors.

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