Last Minute Secret Santa Gifts for Christmas in 2021

So you’ve left Christmas until the last minute again. I get it; it’s easy to do, especially with so much else to think about – and Christmas has this habit of just creeping up on you. At any rate, you’re giftless and you have a Secret Santa gift swap in the next few days. What should you do?! Never fear; here are some life-saving gift ideas on the cheap side, for you to use to save Christmas – and your skin.

A Pamper Hamper

An easy way to appear thoughtful with a last-minute Secret Santa gift is with the purchase of toiletries. High street pharmacies such as Boots often sell pre-packaged pampering kits, including face masks, travel bottles of luxurious moisturisers and scents and accessories such as rollers and eyelash curlers. You could also build your own, using small purchases from chocolate shops, and health and beauty retailers like Lush and L’Occitane.

Board Games

Inject a little fun into your Secret Santa proceedings by gifting a board game to your chosen person. This presents you with the opportunity to play the game after all the gifts have been opened, making for a fun-filled evening and a thoughtful way to buy a gift. Popular games often have unbranded equivalents, allowing you to save money on the purchase while providing the same amount of fun.

Personalised Gifts

Rather than worrying about finding the perfect gift for someone, why not simply purchase a gift about them? Buying them a gift with their name on it – literally – might sound expensive, but there are many cheaper ways to get a personalised gift for your Secret Santa recipient – whether having a personalised mug printed, or finding a monogrammed product range. Card Factory’s Monogram range is the perfect way to personalise a gift without breaking the bank, comprising lettered key rings, candles socks and even tumblers for less than £5; simply pick the initial of your giftee and you’re good to go.

A DIY Hobby Kit

If you know the person to whom you’re gifting well, you can make up an incredibly thoughtful gift from scratch, by buying them tools and materials for their hobby. If they like to knit, consider putting a hamper together with needles, wool and some new patterns for them to try. If they are a car enthusiast, matchbox cars and a coffee table book on car history could go a long way. If they’re a tinkerer at heart, some novelty gifts like mini screwdrivers and jewellers’ glasses would be an excellent start. 

Next Day Delivery

These suggestions are all well and good, but you may be thinking you don’t have the time to scour the high street for components to these Secret Santa gift ideas. This is where the usefulness of next-day delivery comes in. Many retailers have an online arm, allowing you to order online for next-day delivery to the address of your choice – and some can even offer same day delivery! You can even order the wrapping paper and Sellotape at the same time, guaranteeing that when the Secret Santa rolls around you won’t be the one caught short.







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