Thanks to modern technology, players can play their favorite casino games in the comfort of their homes through online casinos. While land-based casinos offer the exhilarating experience of live gaming, online casinos provide the much-needed convenience of gaming on the go or whenever you get free time. Casino operators have been finding ways to improve the online gambling experience, and thankfully, live casino games are here.

How does a live casino work?
Live casinos are the new form of online gambling that represents the action as it takes place in a physical casino. However, the player experiences the game from the comfort of their home and interacts with a real live dealer. What makes live casino games exhilarating is that a human dealer runs them, and you take part as a player through a console on your computer. When you have a question or need some form of assistance, you interact with the live dealer through a live chat.

The physical transactions the dealer makes are translated into data through software known as optical character recognition. The software lets you participate in the live casino game facilitated by a human rather than an automated process.

For an online casino to offer live casino games, the operator needs to make a significant investment in terms of technology and staff. They need a cameraman, an IT manager, a croupier, and a pit boss. It is an expensive investment, so you find that online casinos offer a limited number of live games.
Most of the popular live casino games include online blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and poker. Basically, a live casino has several rooms, including the live studio, software, and analyst's. Still, it differs from one casino to another. Based on the online casino you pick, you can enjoy live dealer games on your phone or computer.


Technologies that facilitate a live casino experience

It is good to learn about the different technologies that enable a live casino experience to make your game session hassle-free.

Cameras come in handy for streaming live casino games, and with the latest technologies, small but powerful cameras can stream live games well. For instance, a live roulette table will feature at least three cameras: one for an overview, another for taking shots of the table and the wheel, and the last to facilitate picture in picture display.

A monitor displays what the players see on their screens. But cameras have blind spots where you can sit if you don’t want to appear on the screen. The monitor enables the live dealer to track the wagers to be placed or closed, and it also urges them to enforce action when necessary during the live game. Another function of the monitor in a live casino game is that it allows the dealer to see all the participating players.

They can also engage in a live chat to solve problems and make the game more exciting.

Game control unit
One of the notable elements of a live casino game is the game control unit. Every live casino table features an attached game control unit that encodes the video broadcast. In other words, it helps the live dealer run the game; therefore, a live casino game is not possible without the game control unit.

A live casino game may feature a wheel, depending on the type of game. Ideally, casino operators collaborate with manufacturers to have built-in sensors in the wheels and incorporate the casino software interface.

A live dealer
Lastly, we have a live dealer who facilitates the live casino game. Live dealers make the game enjoyable to give the online player the gambling experience of a land-based casino. So, the dealer must be familiar with all the game’s rules, and technology has made it possible to track the actions of a live dealer through a smart card.

Choosing a live casino game
To engage in a live casino game, you have to create an account in a live dealer casino, and that means you also need to consider where the casino is based. Most of the live dealer casinos stream the action from their land-based casinos or their live casino of the site.

You also need to check the software the live casino uses to stream the live games and the quality of streams it offers.

For instance, if you have trouble reaching the customer service, live chat operator, or placing bets, it is best to look for another live casino.

Key takeaways
There are many advantages of live casino games, including:
 Interactivity- live casino games promote interactivity between players and the dealer compared to the
original RNG automated casino games. With live cameras and display monitors, players can see who is on
the other side of the table and so forth.
 Authenticity- live dealer games simulate the land-based casino gaming experience, offering you an authentic
gaming experience with a human dealer.
 Competitiveness- live casino games enhance competitiveness just like in the and based casinos.

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