Making Your Own Clothes: Why Adopting This ‘Slow Fashion’ Trend is Becoming Popular

You may not be aware of it, but the fashion industry is considered the third most polluting industry in the world, responsible for releasing a significant percentage of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. These emissions result from the industry’s processes, from the production of materials to its shipping operations. One of the leading causes is “fast fashion,” which encourages people to purchase more clothes regularly, causing harmful environmental effects. These types of clothes are quickly manufactured and are dependent on the latest trends and the demands of consumers. The problem is that they are not made according to quality standards and only last until the style goes out of fashion. As a result, consumers quickly get rid of these clothes and start buying again, a vicious cycle that must stop or risk harming the environment even more.

An excellent solution to this global concern is “slow fashion,” where we opt for quality wear that lasts much longer. It is a simple but beneficial idea that can end the mindless buying of sub-standard items that cause disastrous effects on the world. As a result, you are not only playing a significant role in saving the environment but are saving more on clothing purchases and owning garments you can wear longer.

Knowing the dangers of supporting fast fashion, here are some practical ways to adapt to slow fashion and its sustainability and do your part in protecting the environment.

Consider making your own clothes

Starting now may be a good idea if you have not thought about making your own clothes. You can always find inspiration in fashion magazines and use your creative skills to create beautiful, unique outfits. There are many advantages to designing and sewing what you wear. You ensure yourself of quality as you work harder to make your clothes last longer. Your clothes also fit better because you make them yourself. The fun part is choosing quality materials like chambray fabric in your preferred colours and patterns. Apart from helping keep the environment safer, there is a sense of pride and joy when wearing the clothes you make.

Be discerning when purchasing clothes

It can be easy to get swayed into buying clothes because they look great and everyone else is wearing them. However, remember that the latest fashion trends may not suit you. Consider how long you expect to wear them and if the style will carry over the following year. Always check for the quality of items you intend to buy. If you have any doubts, it would be best not to buy them. 

Take better care of your clothes

Constant washing can wear clothes, especially when using the washing machine. If your clothes are still clean and smell fine, you can probably wear them again. Hand washing for delicate fabrics is a better option. Also, choose a mild detergent and fabric conditioner to keep them smelling fresh and maintain their quality so they last longer.

Slow fashion is all about selecting quality clothes that last and caring for them to ensure they serve you longer. But, more than that, you can start saving the environment and make the world a better place to live in.



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