Most popular stocks in November

The stock market experiences high liquidity, which is means it’s one of the easiest markets to buy and sell assets, and is attractive to many investors. There are many factors that can affect stock trading, such as the strength or decline of the relevant economy, the performance of the companies in question, and market sentiment. As a stock trader, you’ll be closely monitoring these factors to aid in your fundamental
analysis, as well as examining market data to conduct technical analysis.

Short-term traders may look to trends and patterns in the market, alongside economic factors to inform their trading decisions. On the other hand, long-term investors may focus on the company’s overall performance and earnings. You can also trade using financial derivatives as part of a diverse portfolio, such as through stock contracts for difference (CFDs).

Whichever trading style you implement, let’s take a look at the best stocks to trade in November 2021.

This multinational technology company designs processing units and graphic chips, and is a leader in the industry. They are set to release their earnings reports on November 17 th, which understandably, will impact the trading decisions of stock traders. It is expected to bode well for the company, spurred by the pandemic and the fact that more people are working form home, and therefore increasing the demand for the tech that uses NVIDIA’s chips.

The global lockdowns have also seen more of us turn to video games, playing from the comfort of our homes. This is another strong area for NVIDIA, as their processing units are used throughout the professional and gaming industry.

Due to the rise of demand of their products, it’s predicted that the results of their earnings will be high for the third-quarter. In their last earnings report revenue was expected to be $6.80 billion, plus or minus 2%, whereas Wall Street experts believe the revenue will be around $6.82 billion.

In the previous three months, at the time of writing, the value of their shares has gained more than 30%. And in comparison, to the previous year, the price has doubled. Based on the proceeding market data, we can deduce that NVDA could be a stock to buy right now.

JPMorgan (NYSE: JPM)
In the current market, JPMorgan stocks appear to have potential. The company focuses on investment banking and financial services, and is another business that seems to have performed well, despite the challenges of the pandemic and concerns surrounding inflation. The attraction for the JPM stock can be accredited to its history of dividend growth, and yield of 2.4%. This could potentially be beneficial for income-focused or long-term investors.

The interest in JPMorgan is increased further by the fact that the US is entering a healthier economic environment and inflation should moderate in the near future. This could mean that JPMorgan’s impressive earnings will continue to grow.

Investors may be monitoring the shares of aircraft manufacturers and airline operators, as the aviation industry recovers from the effects of the pandemic. More and more customers are now booking holiday flights, as the world opens up from restrictive lockdowns, and investors are looking ahead to a post-pandemic world.

Airbus in particular is one to watch, as a leader in the aircraft industry, and the largest aeronautics and space company in Europe. It can be assumed that the company are performing well, as they have received an impressive order from the Indigo Partners portfolio of airlines.

The company are also pioneers in their field, recently completing a test flight of the solar-powered Zephyr S aircraft.

This future thinking, combined with a surge in international travel, creates a positive outlook
for the airline sector as a whole, and it’s predicted that demand for new aircrafts will
continue to rise over the coming years.


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