Motorhoming in the UK: Where Should You Visit?



Motorhoming is a great way to indulge in a holiday in your home country. With the extended road trip that a motorhome allows for, you’ll see far more of the country that we call home. The hidden gems of rural Britain will all be open to you with a relaxing drive through its winding hills. But where to stop first? 

Isle of Skye

When looking for a motorhome to hire in Scotland, you need an idea of destinations and journeys. Some you will pick for the roads leading up to them. Some you will pick for what’s there when you arrive. If you want a magical experience, you can’t go wrong with the Isle of Skye, especially if you add a visit to Loch Ness. There are fae amongst the trees of the island. But even if they don’t present themselves to you, you can find some magical spots on the island, including the Fairy Pools. If you dare brave the cold waters, you can take a dip in a pool sheltered by nature and featuring gently falling waterfalls.

The ragged cliffs of Kilt Rock make for something from a JRR Tolkien novel, as their sharp surface suggests something manmade more than natural, as do the pointed standing rocks in the distance of The Old Man of Storr that look more like a monolith.

Visit the rainbow town of Portree for a seaside scone and tea and learn more about the area at The Skye Museum of Island Life in Kilmuir. There is plenty to see on the island, with long stretches of the open road for your three berth motorhome to roam in between.

And, of course, the Isle of Skye is just one stop on the North Coast 500. If you are ready for a road trip with your motorhome, that is certainly something to look into.

The Lake District

The Lake District is one of the quintessential staycation spots in the UK, and it’s easy to see why. The peaceful drive, the fun things to do, and the many historical sites all make for a very relaxing weekend in Cumbria with the motorhome.

There’s something for everyone in the Lake District. Nature lovers will want to wander, hike or bike through the hushed mountains that have inspired a lot of paintings and literature in the past. Foodies will love the choice of restaurants and bars that will keep you coming back for more every night. For those there to strictly relax, there is an abundance of nationwide famous spas to soak in, and for those who like a party, there is always some live music or comedy playing in one of the many venues of the Lake District.

Park the motorhome and board a gondola for a quick float down the Coniston water back to the Victorian era for the ultimate relaxing take-in of the beautiful views.


Devon is a great place to travel with the motorhome, not least because it can act as a stopgap on the way to Cornwall. Enjoy a roam through the picturesque Devon landscape with its coastal views and sandy beaches before moving onto Cornwall for the second half of a road trip.

Devon is also the place to go if you want to enjoy a festival. This year’s selections involve the Seaton Eats Boutique for the foodies, the Festival of the Hills for music-lovers and the Buckfast Abbey’s Summer Fair for a mix of everything from food to music to crafts and other entertainment.

Take part in the Totnes Orange Races for a taste of how bizarre history can actually be, or gain some culture at the Jamaica Independence Day Yardi Party.


No guide to motorhome road trips would be complete without a stop at Stonehenge. Britain’s great historical anomaly sits at a 20-minute drive from Salisbury and less than an hour’s drive from Bath. You can camp near Stonehenge for a visit to the ethereal structure, then head into the motorhome to venture through some of Wiltshire’s greatest hot spots.

See the famed Salisbury Cathedral and wander the beautiful villages of Bourton on the Water and Castle Combe for the more twee experience. Enjoy afternoon tea in a café where everybody wants to know your name amongst pretty thatched roofed cottages. Or head to the grand city of Bath that has rooftop pools, food markets, and the Jane Austen Festival, which will appeal to any fans of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Bridgerton, or Bridget Jones’ Diary. Bath is very proud of its place in British history’s greatest literature, being the birthplace of Mary Shelley and, therefore, science fiction as a genre and celebrating Jane Austen with a festival featuring getups that would make Emma Woodhouse swoon.



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