New Casino Has Been Approved in Kent

A third 24-hour casino has just been approved on Week Street in Maidstone, Kent this month. The decision has proved divisive for local residents, with some believing that it will further erode the already dangerous neighbourhood, while others are in favour of the jobs and economic stimulation it will create. We look at this latest development in more detail.

Little Vegas to Replace Jennings Bet on Week Street

As the gambling market in the UK is getting bigger, so are the gambling opportunities in Kent. A proposal for the Jennings Bet shop on Week Street in Maidstone, Kent, to be replaced by a 24-hour casino has just been approved.


The casino, Little Vegas, will be the third of its kind within a 150-metre stretch along Week Street, with Merkur Cashino Slots and Game Nation already established in the neighbourhood. Little would practically change about the building, with only a new shop front and minor alterations to the floor plan intended. A statement on the council’s website has said that,


“The proposed use is quite different from amusement arcades found ‘on the front’ in seaside resorts in appearance, facilities, clientèle and impact. It would not have ‘amusement only’ machines such as video games and pinball tables, which are deliberately noisy. The premises will be fully enclosed, low-key and ‘shop like’ in appearance and effect and will be complementary in this town centre location.”


Residents Concerned That Casino Will Add to Lawlessness

Week Street in Maidstone has been steadily declining over the past years, according to concerned residents.


The Little Vegas casino would mean that the neighbourhood that was once known for shopping, would now consist of three casinos, a McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, Savers and Tesco Express. Considering that crime rates are skyrocketing in the region, the addition of another 24/7 gambling facility is a questionable move.


Questions have also been raised about why another land-based casino is necessary in the region when so many online casinos exist in 2022. For those who agree and don’t fancy venturing out to Week Street at night, at a range of different UK online casinos can be found, complete with guides and reviews to help you choose the best one for your gambling needs.

New Casino Will Bring Jobs and Economic Growth

However, despite the negative publicity surrounding the approval of Little Vegas on Week Street, the reality is it will have some perks.


The planned casino will provide ten new jobs to the region, as well as the economic stimulation of those wages being pumped back into the economy. The operators also claim that it will provide a degree of natural surveillance to the dangerous neighbourhood, and is a quiet facility that will appear tidy.


A former council member has spoken out about the change, however, saying, “I really think people have better things to do with their money. Obviously we can’t stop people using them, but I’m against gambling machines in general. They are better off spending their money on living. The only winners, and people who benefit from machines like that, are the shops.”

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