Online Slot Mechanics Explained 

Old school traditional gamblers might still be wondering what it is about slot machines and online slots at Slots Baby that have made them so outrageously successful, especially seeing as they don’t have nearly as much history as other games like blackjack or baccarat. Whilst this is true, one of the best things about the slots industry is its capacity for evolution – slot games rarely stay still, they are always developing in some way. 

Look through the history of slots and you will know exactly what we mean. There have been countless technological innovations to get where we are now, and we’re sure there will be plenty more in the future too. In recent years online slot developers have been focussing on delivering new game mechanics to the masses, something that has made the industry even more successful. Read on for some online slot mechanics explained… 

A few different online slot mechanics explained 

Right then, the easiest way to really explain the world of slot mechanics is to give a few examples of what we mean, as it’s difficult to clarify without actual examples. An online slot mechanic is basically what we say to describe the basic framework on which it works, and these days there a few different mechanics to be aware of: 

  •         Classic slot mechanic: This is the slot mechanic that is used in the vast majority of online slots, and consists of 5 reels and a number of pay lines between 5 and 100. Winning combinations of symbols are made on the pay lines if you’re lucky, it’s as simple as that!
  •         Cluster pay slot mechanic: The cluster pay slot mechanic caused a lot of excitement when it began to appear, mainly because it made for more slot wins than ever before. In cluster pay slots wins are made through clusters of icons, rather than the pay lines on traditional slots.
  •         Megaways slot mechanic: Big Time Gaming absolutely blew the slots world wide open when they unveiled their outrageously successful Megaways slot mechanic. It allows games to have a crazy 100,000+ ways to win, so no surprise it’s so successful.

Key developers pushing online slot mechanics 

There are some slot developers who are content to just churn out the same kind of games over and over, but there are also highly innovative developers committed to inventing new slot mechanics whenever they can. Here are a few: 

  •         Big Time Gaming: You cannot talk about new slot mechanics without mentioning Big Time Gaming. Without this UK developer Megaways slots wouldn’t exist, and judging by their outrageous popularity these days this would be a very damaging loss.
  •         NetEnt: NetEnt have historically been one of the leading developers, and their invention of things like the cluster pay slot mechanic is a key reason why.

Examples of online slots with innovative game mechanics 

Take a look at some examples of online slots with innovative game mechanics: 

  •         Bonanza: Big Time Gaming’s Bonanza was the first Megaways slot to truly hit the mainstream, and it’s a great introduction to the slot mechanic.

·         Well of Wonders: Thunderkick’s Well of Wonders uses a cluster pay mechanic, but in an interesting twist it completely does away with slot reels!



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