Online Slots free spins feature: What is it? 

There are many features in a pay by phone casino not boku slot game, one of the more exciting features being used is the free spins feature. When used correctly, this feature can result in some amazing wins for the player.

What are Free Spins? 

Free spins are one of the most common and well liked bonuses in online slot gaming. They are typically awarded to players in game when the player manages to line up special symbols or land on scatters. A free spin is exactly what the name suggests, a chance to spin the reels for absolutely free. Despite the bonuses simplicity, it can have massive win potential thanks to the addition of multipliers. Sometimes this bonus is even retriggerable which can lead to some absolutely massive wins! As a simple to understand and easy to use bonus feature, it is no wonder why slot developers commonly use the free spins feature in their games. 

Free Spins Variations 

While free spins is a simple feature to understand, there are actually a variety of forms in which a free spin can be presented to a player. 

  1. Fixed free spins and multipliers. This variation of the free spin offers players a fixed amount of free spins they can trigger, alongside multipliers. For instance a slot may offer players 10 free spins with a 2x multiplier, sometimes this can even be retriggerable leading to some big wins!
  2. Variable free spins and multipliers. The variation is much more common in modern slot games. It is similar to the fixed free spins and multipliers but the amount of free spins a player can win will be variable. For example a slot may offer the player the chance to win 10-30 free spins with a multiplier of 2x. 

How to Trigger a Free Spins Feature 

Although free spins is an incredibly common bonus, there is actually a variety of ways that players can trigger the bonus. It will vary greatly depending on which slot game you are using. The following are some of the more common ways that you can trigger the free spins bonus. 

  •     Landing on three or more bonus symbols. This method is the most common, to trigger a free spins feature players just need to land on three or more bonus symbols. Depending on how many paylines are available, this can result in the player winning multiple rounds of free spins.
  •     Randomly triggered after a spin. This method doesn’t require a player to do anything, the free spin feature will be triggered at complete random.
  •     Collect a certain number of special symbols that results in a free spin. This method is also used a lot, it requires players to hit a specific number of special symbols on the reels that will result in a free spin. The number of which will vary depending on the game.

Final Thoughts 

The free spins feature will let the player spin the reels for free, usually with an added multiplier. The feature is also incredibly simple to trigger!



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