Online Slots Promotions vs Physical Casinos Promotions

Online slots and physical casinos both offer wonderful promotions for players to enjoy. What is interesting about this is that despite this, both could not be more different. Online slots take a completely different approach to promoting their games than physical casinos do. This is despite both sharing a large portion of their demographics.

Online slot promotions have been increasing rapidly over the past decade, many players today are actually more likely to encounter the latest casino offers from an online slot promotion before a physical casino promotion. 

Why do Online Slots and Casinos Offer Promotions? 

Promotions are one of the main ways that casinos, on and offline, generate buzz and create demand for the products they are offering. Of course, online slots utilise a completely different promotion strategy to physical casinos. The advertising and promotion of casinos has long been a topic which has been debated by the government. There have been studies that have shown that the promotion of casinos and online slots don’t actually increase the demand of gambling among people. Nevertheless, the government has recently decided to limit the advertising and promotion of online slots. A Fluffy Favourites online slot promotion has had to be retracted because the government felt as if the promotion was appealing too much toward children. 

Physical Casino Promotion 

Physical casinos promote their brand and games in a completely different way than online slots do. Physical casinos hold specific events at their casinos which are designed to attract new players, these events are usually some form of entertainment that the regular person would find innocuous enough. They make use of performers and special attractions to try and generate buzz. As physical casinos need people to travel in order to visit their venue, holding special events is the perfect way to convince people to visit the casino. 

Online Slots Promotion 

Whilst physical casinos utilise an approach which intends to convince you to visit their venue, online slot promotions only have to convince players to sign up to their website. They do this through a whole host of means but the bulk of their promotion can be found on internet websites. They promote their sites through special offers and deals which can be found in various internet ads, the slots are promoted through the various bonuses which the casino sites have to offer. These bonuses are specifically designed to entice players. Online slot promotions have come under a lot of scrutiny recently. With many arguing that the appeal of some advertisements extends toward children. As a result, advertising slot games have become a lot more restricted recently with some companies getting massive fines for breaches. 


Online slots promotions and physical casino promotions are both incredibly effective at attracting new players, despite being two completely different ways of promoting. Physical casinos focus much more on hosting extravagant events to try and convince new players to attend whilst online slots used internet advertising and lucrative bonus offers to try and entice newer players.

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