Organise a Successful Home Makeover in Five Simple Steps

A house is not a home until you make it your own. It’s just a property under your name. It hasn’t been updated to help you live as efficiently as possible, nor has it been updated to reflect your personality and personal tastes. Home makeovers are great to improve the value of your home, but that value is so much more than just financial. You can make your dream house out of any property just by adding that personal touch.

Sometimes that personal touch will be decorative; other times, it will require a remodel. When you are looking to remodel your kitchen, bathroom, or any other area of your home, follow these five steps to get great results every time:

Save Ideas and Narrow Down Your Board
It can be easy to get caught up in the latest trends, so to avoid this, just start saving ideas. Pinterest is a great place to do this, as it allows you to save images both on the site and throughout the internet into one easy location.

Narrow down the specific features you want later on when you are financially ready to start the renovation process. This way, you can really build a design idea you love, not just one you’ve seen often.

Prioritise Function First
When deciding on what design details end up in your finished bathroom or kitchen design, always put function first. Design wraps around function, and great function will help you enjoy your remodel in your kitchen or bathroom for decades.

Budgeting and Financing
Once you have the overall look and features that you want to have installed, it’s time to get some quotes and shop around. You can use a loan or financing to spread out the cost, but it’s always a good idea to have at least 20% of the cost saved for the down deposit. This way you can get the best rates.

Find a Great Supplier and Installer
You will need to then hire a few different people. For one, you will need to find a supplier. This supplier will be where you buy the furniture and fixtures, like taps. If you can, try to find a supplier that will also fit your bathroom, as this can help save on time and ensure that you get a quality finish. There are many great options that stock the best brands in the business, like Bathrooms Wolverhampton, so you can transform your bathroom for the modern era.

Opting for an all-in-one option like this allows you to save on costs by bundling, so you can
get the best price for the best results.

Have a Backup During the Renovation
You may be tempted to remodel all of your bathrooms at once, but unless you have another home to stay in during this remodelling period, you will want to spread out these projects. You always need a backup. This means having another shower or bath to use during bathroom remodels or a temporary kitchen set-up for kitchen remodels. Not thinking this part through can be very stressful, so have a solution for when your kitchen or bathroom is out of commission during the renovation.























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