Perfect Date Ideas for Couples in 2021 

It’s 2021, which means there’s no longer any need for couples to follow tired dating routines. You know the drill; whether it’s visiting the same restaurant every couple of weeks, or always going to the cinema closest to your home, it’s easy to get comfortable with your partner and always stick to the same date night locations. There’s nothing wrong with this, but there are so many creative date opportunities these days, you’d be crazy not to try at least a couple of them. 

Here are some perfect date ideas for couples to try in 2021. It doesn’t matter if you’re a young couple who have only just met or a husband and wife that have been married for 10 years, these ideas are for everyone

Have an online casino night 

Many casinos are shut right now, so you can leave your tuxedos and dresses in the wardrobe for a little bit longer. After all, there’s a better alternative to casinos now – online casinos. 

Online casinos are the same as physical casinos, except you play them through your phones and tablets, instead – talk about convenience, right? 

This opens the opportunity for the perfect date night at home, where you and your partner can grab your phones and play online casino games throughout the evening. 

All the classic games you know about are available, from roulette to slot machines. You’ll have a blast playing together and who knows. The best part about online casinos is you don’t even need to be an expert or knowledgeable about the games – you can just stick to the luck-based games to keep things simple. 

There are a lot of online casinos to choose from, so to make life simple for you, this online casino in the US has an easy-to-follow guide that compares the best online casinos. 

Go for a hike 

Hiking isn’t for everyone, but it’s certainly a super fun date idea! 

You don’t have to walk far – even just a 30 minute or 1 hour-long hike will suffice. 

Check out Google maps to find the best hiking locations near to your home. 

Have a spa day 

Spa days are incredibly relaxing – you’ll come out of them feeling like a new person. 

If you don’t want to pay for a spa day, you can just have your own from home. Just get the bathrobes, slippers, face masks, and hair masks out – you’ll be relaxed in no time and can have a lovely date conversation with your feet up. 

Take some amazing photos and videos 

A lot of couples complain that their other half is terrible at taking photos. Whether it’s being unable to perfectly capture candid moments, or always choosing bad angles, there’s generally a complaint to be made. 

So, to put an end to this, have a photo and video-taking date night – where you can put plenty of hours in to capture content that satisfies your social media needs. You can do get dressed up and do this in your living room, bed room, garden – anywhere you like. 

Once the date night is over, you can edit the photos and videos and post them to Instagram the next day. 



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