Pets: The Heart and Soul of Kentish Homes


A revealing study by Purina, surveying 2,000 UK pet owners, offers profound insights into the integral role pets play in households around the country, transforming them into sanctuaries of love, companionship, and familial bonds. As residents of Kent, we know that pets are the heart and soul of our homes, so let’s see what the data shows!

Pets as Communicators

Kentish homes thrive on the unique communication that pets and owners share. With 79% of the Purina survey respondents admitting to talking to their pets as they would a human friend, it’s clear that pets offer more than companionship; they provide a listening ear and a comforting presence. This unspoken language of love between pets and their owners is a testament to the deep connection that transcends words, enriching the lives of many in Kent.

The survey sheds light on the undeniable fact that in Kent, as elsewhere, pets are considered much more than companions. A staggering 89% view their pets as family members, with a significant 73% declaring them as their best friends. This profound bond underscores the irreplaceable position pets hold within Kentish homes, standing as pillars of emotional support and sources of boundless joy.

Integration into Daily Lives and Special Moments

Kentish households exemplify the seamless integration of pets into every aspect of life. Whether it’s the families that plan holidays with their furry friends in mind, or those that just like to go on daily walks together, it’s evident that pets are included in both the mundane and the extraordinary moments. This inclusion speaks volumes about the value placed on ensuring pets have a fulfilling life, mirroring the happiness they provide.

Corporate Communications Director for Purina UK and Ireland, Claire Robinson-Davies said,Pet owners are making their pets a priority like they would any family member. They shape their schedule around them and include them in their activities. It shows that owners truly view them as a family member, which in turn, nurtures the bond between pets and their owners.”

Learn more about the pet ownership study by Purina, who has plenty more insights to provide.

The Essence of Kentish Home Life

The findings from Purina’s study paint a vivid picture of pets as the essence of home life in Kent. These furry, feathered, or scaled members bring an unparalleled depth of emotion, from the comfort they offer in quiet moments to the joy they bring in times of celebration. Kentish homes, known for their warmth and hospitality, owe much of their soulful atmosphere to the pets that reside within them.

As the Purina survey reveals, pets are the heart and soul of homes, bringing love, companionship, and an irreplaceable sense of family to the forefront. The bond between pets and their owners is a beautiful reflection of the universal connection that humans and animals share, showcasing the profound impact pets have on our lives and communities. As we continue to celebrate this special relationship, it’s clear that pets will remain an integral part of the heart and soul of Kentish homes, enriching every moment with their presence.

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