Picking the perfect athletic shoe for you

The number of shoes available out there can be quite intimidating. Even though many department stores rely on a squad of well-trained staff, it certainly does help to go in armed with your own individual knowledge of shoes, and what you want from your shoes once you’ve bought them.

Two of the most often-bought types of shoes are running shoes and walking shoes. Although the activities may seem similar at the outset, it is important to bear in mind that you are buying them for fundamentally different kinds of motion. The main difference between the two types of shoes, is the type of flexibility of each kind. Walking nike shoes should provide greater stability around the heel and the back end of the foot, while the stability of a running shoe should be chiefly present around the middle of the foot.

So, let’s talk about walking shoes first. It is important to have adequate support around your heel, where most of your body weight goes, and over your arches. Walking shoes should be light enough to be comfortable, but sturdy enough take the punch of spending many hours on your feet. If you’re looking for hiking shoes in particular, a great shoe-shopping hack to remember, is that the ball and the heel of your foot should be at an equal level to the floor, as this helps distribute the body weight while walking. Ever seen a pair of a high heel shoes on a hiking trail? Didn’t think so!

Running, on the other hand, is characterized by greater constant pressure on your heel. For this reason, you will have noticed these shoes are often heavily cushioned. Often paired with mesh in its fabrication, running nike shoes are able to regulate the body heat that is generated by running.

People with flat feet are often at risk of injury through overpronation. This common problem sounds worse than it is and can be easily eliminated or treated by wearing a shoe with extra support in the right places.

Conversely, people with high arches often notice extensive wear around the outer edge of their shoe. This is caused by the outward rolling of the foot, caused by the similar but opposite condition of underpronation. The solution is a pair of shoes with extra cushioning to take the weight off the toes and support the ankles.

Wearing the incorrect shoes can have dire effects on your posture and alignment and can even lead to injury. Nowadays you can find nike shoes on sale at almost every online shoes store. By trying on shoes when your feet are at their biggest during their daily cycle, you eliminate the problem of new shoes that start to pinch later in the day.

Follow these handy tips above for a perfect fit every time, and start enjoying comfortable shoes the way they were meant to be worn.


























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