Places to Travel to in the UK in 2022

International travel is tricky to reconcile at the moment, with continued uncertainty over the spread of coronavirus variants, and the elevated expense of travel and accommodation whether holidaying or quarantining. As such, many families are turning instead to domestic holidays to get their travel fix – but where is best to travel in the UK in 2022?


Coventry might be an unusual pick for first on this list, and is indeed an unassuming city to choose for a domestic UK holiday. However, Coventry hides a lot of great reasons to make a visit, whether geographical or cultural; Coventry was even named UK City of Culture in 2021. Coventry is the birthplace for many great contributors to the arts, from Philip Larkin to Terry Hall, while history takes centre stage in the wide variety of museums and galleries available to visit. An unconventional city break for sure, but an excellent place to take a family, and an even better place to see the future of the arts in the UK.



It can be easy to see England’s capital city as overrated, especially when it comes to a domestic holiday – but London is a sprawling city with so many things to offer, and an excellent choice for a city break. Trains to London are frequent and easy to come by, making travel there a breeze, while transport within the city is well-connected and iconic to boot. Forget the tourist attractions; instead, go deep into the various cultural sectors and secret corners, to get a real sense of stepping into the unknown. Soho’s nightlife has a reputation for a reason, while Chinatown can offer you unique and authentic flavours from the other side of the world.


The Isles of Scilly

If you’re after a real taste of the far-fliung, there are places you can go that evoke the feeling of having travelled far – and the Isles of Scilly off the coast of Cornwall rank among the best. They are a collection of five islands, with azure-blue seas and sandy shores to die for. The wildlife is positively exotic, as is the weather – and despite the small size, there is so much to see and do, not to mention eat. This is a luxury holiday destination, for sure.



Last but certainly not least, Northumberland is an entire county on the North-East coast of England, and an utter playground for those after a more rural kind of retreat. Not only does Northumberland National Park offer vast wildernesses in which to hike, camp and marvel at nature, the park is also one of the best places in the UK for stargazing, owing to low levels of light pollution in the area. The coastline is also home to a number of rare and endangered species, giving you a privileged opportunity to see such marvels as the Arctic Walrus or the Little Tern.


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