Playground construction, from the ground up. 

Whether you want a simple build or something a little more unique, there are so many different types of playground surfaces and constructs. If you are looking for a simple outdoor football ground for 5 aside, or if you are looking for a toddler-safe jungle gym-type set up, you can find a company to make what you need.

Where do I start?

The best place to start when looking at building a playground would be the bases. What kind of surface do you want your playground built on? There is a wide variety of surfaces available, Such as rubber mulch, wet pour, and artificial grass mats. 


Remember when building a play area to factor in any risk assessments and regulations you will need it to comply with. If you are unsure, you can ask for advice during your consultation. What will work for you will depend on how you plan to do your nursery play area construction. A lot of companies recommend wet pour for nursery and kindergarten settings as this fits within safety regulations. 


This would be important because a play area for children should be safe for children. If, however, you are looking to build a play area for sport or a jungle gym out in the community, you may prefer grass mats. Many companies, like Soft Surface, would be able to help you with a no-obligation consultation. 


How much does it cost?


How much it costs will depend on what you decide works for you and what you are recommended. Most companies will work to stay within your budget and will help and guide you to the best options available within that price range. 


It is also important when budgeting to think about things like what color you may like. If you choose wet pour, there are many bright color options, this would be fantastic for nursery play area construction to make the area enticing to children. 


You could also use this to fit with your nursery color scheme. It is also possible for some companies to add a design or graphics to the top layer surface of the wet pour to fit in if you want to have a specific themed play area. This is something you can discuss when you have a consultation.


What next?

So you have spoken to someone and built your new play area for your service; what do you do now? It is worth remembering that these fantastic surfaces can last a long time with proper maintenance. Building your play area is only the first part. Once you have the play area, it is worth setting up for regular maintenance so that it can last a long time and be enjoyed by children for years to come. 


Remember, when you go through a company that knows what they are doing and provides a fantastic and thorough service, you will get a product that will last a long time. Getting a company that can work with you will save you stress and money in the future.

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