Premier League Teams to Watch for Kent Residents

The Premier League is characterised by a massive rush of adrenaline in fans anticipating the next big thing in football history. Football is not just a game; it’s part of our English culture. People around the world watch the premier league, and it’s the pinnacle of what the game has to offer. 

For residents and fans in Kent, the same applies. In this post, we’ll be sharing five of people’s favourite Premier League teams to watch in the county.

5 Premier League Teams You Can Watch in Kent

You can easily watch different player league teams if you’re travelling from Kent. You can even bet on the Premier League title winner odds from the comfort of wherever you’re based in the county. Here are some of the teams you should visit if you’re a Kent resident. 

Manchester United

Ok, it’s a bit far away. But you can get from Kent to Manchester in just 4 hours by train. The football team Manchester United has the world’s largest following, so it’s worth the journey. With an annual revenue of €676.3 million, Manchester United was the highest-earning football club as of the 2016–17 season. 

Their 2019 valuation of £3.15 billion ($3.81 billion) places them third globally among football clubs. The team has gathered twenty league championships, twelve FA Cups, six League Cups, and an unprecedented twenty-one FA Community Shields. Manchester United has an outstanding domestic record and is loved by the people of Kent. Plus the atmosphere at Old Trafford is unlike anything else the Prem has. 


Only Arsenal have survived the ages without ever being relegated. Pretty impressive, right? Since the 1919–23 season, they have competed only in English football’s top division. They get the names Arsenal and ‘The Gunners’ from their founding in 1886 by a group of cannon manufacturers at the Woolwich Arsenal.

The Gunners have a strong grip and fanbase in Kent, spreading across the Northern, Northwestern, Eastern, Southern, and Western parts of London. Arsene Wenger’s forces almost swept the whole southeast, rallying reinforcements in Salisbury and the Devonian towns of Exeter and Plymouth. You can get to the Emirates from Kent via train in just 1 hour 30 minutes, and it only costs around £15 via train. 


Again, it’s a little bit of a journey, but it’ll be worth it to get down with the scouse footy fans. Liverpool has been incredibly successful in European football tournaments, winning a remarkable six European Cup/Champions League trophies. The club has won the English top-division league title 19 times as well.

It’ll take you around 4 hours via train to get to Anfield if you’re from Kent. But just like Manchester United, the atmosphere here is unbelievable. You’ll have a great day out and can even visit Liverpool One shopping centre before the game to grab a bite to eat and hit the shops. 

West Ham

West Ham has been a favourite in Kent for a long time, although it has begun to dwindle a little. The club won the first-ever Football League War Cup in 1940. They have achieved success by winning five major trophies throughout its history. In terms of domestic achievements, the team has won the FA Cup three times (in 1964, 1975, and 1980). They have also finished as the runner-up twice (in 1923 and 2006).

Sadly, the ‘Hammers’ have never won the Premier League (or the First Division), though they have frequently achieved success in cup competitions. This may be one of the reasons for their dropping fame in the country. Still, they make an exciting team to watch play in the league at London Stadium. Just an hour or so drive from Kent. 


In Kent, Chelsea is perhaps the biggest team to watch. Under the management of Jose Mourinho, the team gathered a lot of success. But over recent years, they haven’t had much success for the big trophies. Roman Abramovich recently sold the club for a huge £2.5 billion!

You can get to Chelsea’s ground from Kent in just over an hour, and it only costs around £15 on the train. Or you can drive there, which is nice and easy heading up the M20.

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