Quick and Essential Facts on a Solar Panel Installation in 2021: What You Should Know

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The solar panel array has been making waves in the United Kingdom, and even if the UK was not traditionally seen as a suitable location for a system, it is now more recognised as a viable investment for most properties. The fact of the matter is that more people are aware that an installation is still capable of producing an adequate amount of electricity no matter where they are located in the UK, and even areas like Manchester can have their fair share of sunlight, thereby allowing an array to provide the energy needs of thousands. But if you still have your doubts about such an investment, here are some quick and essential facts on a solar panel installation in 2021: what you should know.


Their cost 


The average cost of a solar panel system is from £5000 to £10,000. You can expect to pay approximately £300 to £350 for each panel. If you have noticed a big gap between the two, this is because you have to consider a few variables, one of which is your home’s occupancy and size.


It follows that if more people are residing in your home or you have more amenities, your power requirements will be greater. Hence, you will require a more extensive system. But regardless of the size of your property, be ready to spend a minimum of £5000. To give you a more detailed example: a 4kW solar panel system will usually have a yearly output of 3600kWh of energy, and its estimated cost is from £6000 to £8000. If you choose a larger system, say, a 5kW system, it will generate approximately 4320kWh of energy, and it will cost around £7000 to £9000. 


But you also have to factor in other variables such as the number of solar panels you may require, your potential SEG earnings, and your savings on energy. With this, you will have a better idea of the worthiness of your investment.


Your savings 


You can have significant savings with a solar panel array, as readily confirmed by solar panels Manchester companies like Atlantic Renewables. You can save on both your energy consumption and the amount you can earn through SEG payments. 


In an area such as Manchester, you can save as much as £90 to £230 on your energy bill, whilst in London, you can save from £100 to £270 annually. Your savings will increase depending on the size of your system. For a 4kW-sized panel system, you can save about £270 each year, whilst for a 5kW system, you can save up to £320 each year. Even a minor system such as a 3kW one can help you save as much as £160 per year. 


Also, keep in mind that the total amount you save will also depend on when you use the electricity your system generates, and how. If you are spending time at home in the daytime and making use of your home’s appliances at this time, you can maximise your investment. But if you aren’t usually home in the daytime, you may need to get more from the grid. 


It is sure, though, that you will get your investment back – systems can last for decades, giving you more than enough time to recover your investment, and with your SEG earnings, it is more than worth it as well. 



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