Rattan vs Wicker: Is There Really a Difference?

When it comes to furnishing your home or garden, you are going to come across different materials. It does not matter whether you are purchasing an armchair or table mat, you are going to have a lot of options. In particular, some trending materials you will come across include rattan and wicker.


There are a lot of people that assume rattan and wicker are the same thing. In particular, there is a belief that they are both a material and the names are used interchangeably. Well, the truth is, there is a difference between rattan and wicker. Let’s learn about it before you make any shopping purchases.


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What is Rattan? 

First of all, rattan is a type of natural material that you are going to find in tropical regions around the world. Namely, it is a plant that is like a vine and when you peel off the skin, this is going to present the durable material you recognise at rattan. This is a popular material because it can be weaved into different patterns and shapes. There are over 600 different species of this plant that can be used and a lot of people like rattan since it is strong and durable. So, you will find a lot of outdoor furniture made from rattan. But, there are also a lot of accessories for the home, including rattan table mats, side tables, pendant lights and even storage baskets.


What is Wicker?

Then there is wicker. It is important to realise that wicker is not actually a material. Instead, this is a type of weaving technique that involves natural materials. For example, this can include rattan core and willow. This style of weave has been around for a long time. We are talking about thousands of years and has even been found in Ancient Egypt. In recent times, wicker became very popular in the 1850s. From then, it has remained popular with households, being used for indoor and outdoor furniture and accessories.


When it comes to durability of wicker items, it is going to depend on the material that is used. Again, it is a weaving technique. So, it is more about looking good and creating a desirable design. In particular, the most popular weave you are going to see is the over and under. But, there are a lot of different variations you can enjoy. Due to the continued use of wicker, there are now a lot of intricate patterns that have emerged.


Is there Really a Difference Between Rattan and Wicker?

The answer is yes; there is a difference between rattan and wicker. Namely, when you are viewing an item that is rattan, this is the material it is made from. Alternatively, a wicker item is more about the weaving technique that was used to create it. For example, you can find that wicker furniture and accessories are going to be made from a number of materials, such as rattan and bamboo.







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